“Help”: Christine Bravo wonders about nature, her funny message

With each of her Instagram publications, Christine Bravo delights her fans. The host, recently married, does not hesitate to ask the opinion of its subscribers, especially when it comes to the garden of his house, in Corsica. Without ever forgetting to add a touch of humor.

After her marriage to Stéphane Bachot in Corsica, last June, Christine Bravo struggled to return to the reality of Parisian life. Indeed, the acolyte of Laurent Ruquier had shown himself distressed by the state of the quays of the Seine. However the 66-year-old entertainer knows how to laugh at life and nature. And she proves it every day on her Instagram account. This June July 4th, Christine Bravo has besides published a leafy photographaccompanied by a rather comical caption.

On the photo, we recognize the garden of the Corsican house of Christine Bravo. But what most catches the eye is a slender cypress, the end of which bends a little. It was enough for the new bride to try a daring comment : “Is it me or do my Corsican cypresses need viagra? Help someone”. A call for help that made subscribers laugh a lot of the former presenter of Under the petticoats of history. “Cypresses also have the right to have twisted minds” can we read under the publication.

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Christine Bravo, happier than ever

Christine Bravo has only one philosophy: to live life to the full. This is how, on June 11, the sexagenarian said yes to Stephane Bachot, met two years earlier. A ceremony celebrated in Occhiatana, Corsica, which was decided only two months before the wedding. If part of its “show buddies” could not be present for the event, little Enora’s grandmother said she was delighted to be able to “cry out to the whole world” his love. A bohemian-looking third wedding, which seems to be the right one for this nature lover.

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