Hemky Madera: Dominican in the series “Caleidoscope”, from Netflix

With the arrival of the new year, Netflix launched a series on its content grid that would not only attract attention for its history, but also because it presents a different format that will make watching it an experience.

This is “Kaleidoscope” whose plot takes place over 25 years and, according to the official synopsis, “follows a gang of professional thieves, led by a master thief, who try to break into an unbreakable safe in search of the greatest loot of history. However, betrayal, greed and other factors derail his plan.”

“Kaleidoscope”, created by Erick García, can be seen in 40,000 different ways and the chapters are displayed differently for each person’s user.

Among the cast of this innovative story is the actor of Dominican origin Hemky Madera, known in the country for his participation in series and films directed by Alfonso Rodríguez.

Madera plays Carlos Sujo, the henchman, Roger Salas’ right-hand man and head of security, not only for the company, but for Roger himself, one of the antagonists of the story who is still in the top 10 of the most viewed Netflix movies in the Dominican Republic .


After several auditions, Hemky says that the producers already knew about his work and it was determined that he was the ideal person to play Carlos Sujo.

“I remember that I had just signed the American version of ‘La Reina del Sur’, the producers saw me -also because of other roles I had played- they visualized me in that character; I really liked the script and I was looking forward to working with such a good cast like Giancarlo Esposito, Rufus Sewell…”, the actor recounts during a phone call.

In order to play the “Foreman”, Hemky affirms that he had an approach with the actor Rufus Sewell to prepare his character, since they had to recreate a friendship of more than 20 years, a real friendship was born there between them; She also mentions that his character has a lot of strength and bodily presence more than with dialogues, which was a challenge overcome by being able to show part of the story with expressions.

Although it may be thought not, Hemky does have something in common with his character, who is loyal and intense. However, his resemblance is more linked to his expressions, since the Dominican actor affirms that he is very expressive with his gaze, something that Carlos Sujo does a lot in the scenes in which he appears.

proud roots

At least in front of the cameras, Madera is the only Dominican in “Kaleidoscope.” Given this, he says he feels very proud to represent local talent in foreign waters and in a production that is seen worldwide for being the Netflix platform.

“For me it has always been a pride to represent my country; I am Dominican, I grew up in the Dominican Republic, my parents are Dominican and for me, raising the name of the Dominican is paramount,” she affirms.

“I am a lover of acting. I will act until God gives me life; I am moved by all the stories ”, says Madera when asked about the type of productions that he enjoys the most, he also indicates that any plot that has a good script makes him a lover of it.

“Kaleidoscope” is not the first television series in which he has acted. He has already done so in “Weeds”, “Queen of the South” (American version of “La reina del sur”) and “Brockmire”, starring Hank Azaria.

“NCIS: Los Angeles”, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “The Good Doctor”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home” are other of the international series and films in which Hemky has participated.

This year he can be seen in “Bad Men” or “Hombres Malos” translated into Spanish, a film which makes the actor proud, due to the strong drama he speaks, dealing with immigration in the United States.

“Bad Men” will be presented at festivals starting the month that begins today and soon on the big commercial screen. Likewise, it is waiting for the confirmation of participation for an Amazon comedy about a Cuban family.

In Dominican cinema

Madera has acted in Dominican films such as “Playball” and “Yuniol” (Alfonso Rodríguez, 2007 and 2008); “The rope” and “Die dreaming”, ((Josh Crock, 2009 and 2014).

Among his first roles in Hollywood is the one from the series “Weeds”, in which he spent three seasons. The character he was going to play in that series, starring Mary Louise Parker, was going to be a guy with the characteristics mentioned, “but the special comic or dramatic humor, this is what I do, what I like.” She also gave the voice to one of the characters in “Rango”, winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film in 2012.