Hendrik Duryn: He doesn’t rule out the comeback of “The Teacher”.

Henrik Duryn
He doesn’t rule out “The Teacher” comeback

In the crime series "dune death" embodies Hendrik Duryn murder investigator Tjark Wolf.

Hendrik Duryn plays murder investigator Tjark Wolf in the crime series “Dünentod”.

© RTL / Stephan Rabold

Hendrik Duryn reveals in an interview that he doesn’t rule out a comeback in his successful series role “The Teacher”.

Hendrik Duryn (55) can be seen again in a leading TV role. The actor embodies murder investigator Tjark Wolf in the “Dune Death” novel adaptations. On January 31, RTL will show “Das Grab am Strand” (also available on RTL+) from 8:15 p.m.

As the teacher Stefan Vollmer, Duryn played the leading role in the successful RTL series “The Teacher” for many years. Simon Böer (48) took over the role in season nine, and the format has now been discontinued. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the 55-year-old reveals that he could basically imagine a comeback as a Vollmer teacher and explains why his new role was exactly what he was looking for.

How did it come about that you took on a role in “Dune Death”?

Hendrik Duryn: I was looking for a completely different character than Stefan Vollmer was. Someone who makes everything up with himself, who observes for a long time, who gets to the bottom of things, ruthlessly with himself, who reacts cautiously to others. Not an oddball. A calm, strong character. Madefor (production company) was looking for an actor to play Tjark Wolf. This wolf is exactly what I was looking for. Then came castings, interviews, contract, book work, shooting…

You play homicide detective Tjark Wolf. How would you describe him?

Duryn: Not a buddy type. A big brother who doesn’t make much noise. Who you can absolutely always and at any time rely on. But also a big brother who cannot accept any help himself. A guy with archaic values. Sincerity. Honesty. Reliability.

What are the special challenges of shooting a crime novel?

Duryn: It depends on the crime genre. There are thrillers from comedic to tragic. Sven Koch’s novels are the basis for our films. They create a permanently tense atmosphere. Camera and direction are required for the cinematic implementation, in visual language and staging. As an actor, I have to trust that they are realizing their vision for an ever-increasing sense of suspense in the viewer. The vision is crucial. Everything else has to be subordinate to that.

Filming took place on the North Sea coast. Did you have a connection to the region before that or did you get to know a lot of new things?

Duryn: I am “Baltic Sea Child”. Especially after the turnaround. For twenty years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve with campfires on the beach. The Baltic Sea always felt like a gentle place, even when it got stormy. The North Sea is a cracker. The tides are pure nature. The whole experience of this sea force, including the storm, was new and impressive.

With the role you return to RTL. Which do you prefer to play, a teacher or a homicide detective?

Duryn: Teachers, homicide detectives, lottery winners, it doesn’t matter, it’s the characters that are in the characters that are appealing and that I, as an actor, want to bring to life in an authentic, lively and surprising way.

How was saying goodbye to Stefan Vollmer for you? Do you still miss the role today?

Duryn: Very, very painful. yes i miss her

How did you feel after leaving, what did you do afterwards?

Duryn: I wrote a book. “You’re the teacher, aren’t you” is now coming out at the Leipzig Book Fair. I shot, edited and mixed 150 short films, integrated stories of Saxon history into virtual tours for young people, families and people who don’t really feel like taking lessons, just as I would have liked to have experienced as a child. And I was “handed over” to Tjark Wolf by Sven Koch with the comment: “You are the wolf, absolutely. Do something with it.”

How do you think Stefan Vollmer’s life looks today?

Duryn: Exciting. Just met him last week. He’s still the same.

Could you imagine reprising the role for a comeback?

Duryn: Yes, absolutely.

Aside from Dune Death, what are your plans for 2023?

Duryn: The successful publication of my book. Above all, however, to become fully a part of the solution to our problems and no longer, even a small part, of our problem. My slogan for this year: Just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you can afford it. Possessions don’t make us valuable. Our understanding of the needs outside of our ego. Our understanding of our entire environment.