Henri Des, dead for nine minutes: how the singer’s wife saved him

On the set of C à vous this Thursday, May 5, Henri Dés explained that he was saved by his companion. In November 2019, Nathaly gave him cardiac massage when he had just had a heart attack.

Henri Dés is a miracle. In November 2019, the children’s singer was hospitalized after a “faintness”. At the time, the news on his state of health was not numerous and wanted to reassure his fans. In reality, the artist passed close to death. So close that he lost his life for long minutes since his heart suddenly stopped as he watched The Irishman on television next to his girlfriend. “I didn’t feel anything, remembered Henri From on the set of C to you this Thursday, May 5. It’s unbelievable… It’s a beautiful death after all.” At his side, his companion Nathaly immediately knew how to react. For nine minutes, she therefore gave him a cardiac massage which saved his life. “When you do cardiac massage, it’s terribly difficult”congratulated the singer, still amazed by the strength of his companion.

Very quickly, Nathaly contacted the emergency services, at 144. “The person at 144, she was fantastic. She guided me and set the pace for the cardiac massage. Nine minutes until help arrived, it’s short and longshe confided in the columns of the Morning. A force is given to us, here we go. There is no reflection. We can do it. Its a question of life or death.” Now out of the woods, Henri Dés is grateful. “She saved me, continued Henri Des, very moved. I guess… If she had been in the kitchen making coffee, I would have lost two minutes of oxygen and I wouldn’t be there or in a wheelchair.” Nathaly also remembers that day very well. “My massage allowed to irrigate the brain and the body, as well as to maintain the electrical circuit of the heart”she continued.

Henri Des: “I didn’t realize what I had”

“He actually had a heart attack that caused his heart to stop. They put stents on him and put him in an artificial coma to protect his body,” added the companion of Henri From with our colleagues. Thanks to Nathaly, the singer was able to be revived and then transferred to a hospital where he had only one idea in mind: to run away to return home and sing. “I’ve had enough, he remembered. I didn’t realize what I had so I wanted to go and do my shows.” But his state of health did not allow him to go back on stage right away. More than two years after his heart attack, the singer is now in great shape. Last March, he released an album (for adults) titled Otherwise, with which he will go on tour. All this, thanks to Nathaly.


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