Henri Garcin (Maguy): the actor died at 94

Aged 94, the actor of Dutch origin Henri Garcin died Monday, June 13, 2022. The actor had notably given the reply to Catherine Deneuve, Mireille Darc, or even Fanny Ardant during his career.

An essential figure in French comedy, the actor Henry Garcin, who has expressed his acting talents in theatre, film, and television, died at the age of 94. It was his daughter Adèle who announced this sad news to the Figaro Monday, June 13, 2022. During his career, Henri Garcin interpreted a long list of diverse and varied characters in different productions. He notably had the opportunity to give the answer to legends of the 7th Art such as for example: Catherine DeneuveMireille Darc, or even Fanny Ardant. Henri Garcin’s talent allowed him to shoot for great directors such as François Truffaut.

Although he has stepped into the shoes of many characters over the years, the actor remained mainly known for his role in the television series Maguy, in which he played with Rosy Varte, Jean-Marc Thibault, Evelyne Dassas, Jean Rougerie and Marthe Villalonga. Henri Garcin had also published his memoirs 3 years ago. baptized For a long time I went to bed late, this book, published by Morrigane Editionsincluded many anecdotes and memories of the late comedian regarding Francois TruffautGeorges Moustaki, Romain Gary, José-Luis de Villalonga, Marguerite Duras etc. Henri Garcin also evoked the theater and the profession of director in this book.

François Truffaut was “full of admiration” for Henri Garcin

It was in the mid-1960s that filmmaker François Truffaut first discovered Henri Garcin performing on stage. The director was so blown away by the actor’s performance, who sent him a note the next day. “My dear friend, I am full of admiration for you; for years I have wondered why acting in the theater is so exaggerated compared to acting in the cinema and, having failed to find the answer, I have refused theater productions two or three times. Last night, I had proof that a play can be led, led, played, paced like a film and even like a very good film…“, he had written.