Henry Cavill, a sneak peek of his birthday with his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso



This Wednesday, Henry Cavill shared some moments from his birthday.

A birthday in good company! On Wednesday, May 11, on his Instagram account, Henry Cavill shared a little preview of his birthday with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso. The one who celebrated his 39th birthday on May 5 had a few words for his fans. “A very belated thank you for all your birthday wishes and messages. My beautiful sous-chef Natalie and I celebrated it in our own way last weekend,” he wrote under a video of him having a barbecue.

Between “Persian-style chicken skewers”, “gyro bread”, “saffron rice” or even “tzatziki”, the couple put the dishes in the big ones. “It feels like work and it was definitely something new for us to cook, but it was pretty simple,” the ‘The Witcher’ star wrote.

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The two lovebirds formalized their relationship on Instagram in April 2021. Very modest, the couple only appears very rarely. On the occasion of his birthday last year, Natalie had shared a snapshot of him in “story” Instagram. Last November, she congratulated him on his front page in the magazine “Hollywood Reporter» .

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