Her children angry with her, the former boss of Miss France explains this choice that they regret …

Does Sylvie Tellier regret leaving Miss France? The ex-director of the company has in any case revealed that her children were disappointed with her decision and that her mother had simply been “disaster” … What will become of Sylvie Tellier from a professional point of view? She explained herself.

Whether Sylvie Tellier does not regret his departure from the Miss France society and even feels “released“, those around her expressed some concern when she announced that she was leaving her post. The mother of three children told Paris Match than these were not all happy with this decision : “My husband and the youngest (Romeo, 4 years old, editor’s note) were obviously very happy. But my eldest son who is 12 and his sister who is 8 (Oscar and Margaux, editor’s note), not at all, when I thought they were going to scream with joy! They wanted to know if they would continue to see the Misses, whom they adore, each for different reasons“.

Whether on television or in real life, there is no doubt that Sylvie Tellier will let her children keep in touch with the Miss France. It must be said that the pretty blonde frequents beauty queens thanks to the association The Good Fairies. “Created in 2015, Les Bonnes Fées, a non-profit association of general interest, mainly aims to intervene around the cause of women to improve their living conditions with several types of awareness-raising actions“, teaches us the official site.

Sylvie Tellier: why her mother was “catastrophized”

The former director of the company miss France – who handed over to the discreet Cindy Fabre – therefore wanted to reassure her children by insisting that she was going “keep a foot in the Miss France family“and that she had been, anyway, named honorary president by Alexia Laroche-Joubert; Will Sylvie Tellier be present during the Miss France 2024 election? And if her husband, a dark brown named Laurent Schenten, is in heaven at the idea of ​​spending more time by his side, the mother of Sylvie Tellier was panicked when she learned that she was leaving her highly paid position. A salary beyond 4500 euros, sum she had indicated to earn as Miss… so by becoming the boss, we dare not imagine the check at the end of the month!

“‘But finally, you realize you leave a salary, a position, a status’, my mother told me, a little disaster. She was 40 when she divorced, to raise my sisters and me alone. She was unemployed and gave us everything, really everything. She is of this generation where one did not leave the prey for the shade. Me, on the contrary, I am one of those who dare to change their lives“, detailed Miss France 2002always with Paris Match.

Sylvie Tellier “knows it will work”

Sylvie Tellier has confidence in the future and does not let fear inhabit it. “Taking a risk is exciting. I am motivated, and I know it will work, not out of pretension but because I am strong in all the recipes applied at Miss France“, she assured. It must be said that the former beauty queen has a go-getter temperament: “I could have stayed plan-plan until the end of my days, but I wanted to spice them up a little“. On Europe 1, Sylvie Tellier had declared that she had already launched in “an entrepreneurial life who will be at the crossroads of this [qu’elle] done for 20 years. People, influence, media, business.”

In the meantime, the rival of Genevieve de Fontenay is delighted to havefinally able to take a Christmas vacation” and took advantage of privileged family moments with her husband and their children in Courchevel. A new life is offered to her…

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