Her daughter confides in her complicated childhood!

Invited during Michel Drucker’s special program devoted to television presenter Jacques Martin, his daughter Elise confided in the relationship with her father. Jacques Martin was one of the leading hosts of French television, notably with his cult program “l’école des fans”. Program which notably discovered Vanessa Paradis, Stefi Celma and many others. Jacques Martin presented “singing” children there, with tenderness and humour, to the delight of all. Well not all of them! Her daughter Elise, from her first marriage, has kept very bad memories of it. Unlike his big brother, David, who was also invited. Indeed, for him, Me, I have the memory of a father really on me, controlling my smallest actions and gestures, taking care of my schooling, worrying about everything that could affect me, dragging me with him everywhere… And unfortunately, Elise lived it very differently he confessed.

Jacques Martin could be “very unpleasant”

Like many, the television man was not the same at home. As reported by his ex-wife Daniele EvenouJacques Martin could be “ very disagreeable“. And according to his daughter, Elise, “ in L’École des fans, he was close to the children, which he wasn’t really with us“.


Elise adds, For me, this show hurt my heart more. I know that was dad’s flagship show. The French loved this show. But me, it’s a show that I want to forget because daddy showed up like he wasn’t really with us“. In addition to David and Elise, Jacques Martin had six other children from different marriages.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/255890-jacques-martin-sa-fille-se-confie-sur-son-enfance-compliquee