her daughter Emme and Ben Affleck’s daughter Seraphina are best friends

Emma Muniz, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Seraphina Affleck, daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, declared themselves as non binary a few weeks ago.

The adolescents between 14 and 13 years old are sure of their gender identity and they expressed it to their parents, who have supported them at all times.

Celebrities have made it clear that for them the first and foremost thing is the happiness of their children and not to comply with stereotypes of society, nor to please others.

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But also, Emme and Seraphina not only have the support of their family, but of themselves, because, due to the relationship between Ben and Jennifer López, they are stepsisters and now spend a lot of time together.

Daughters of JLo and Ben Affleck are best friends and support each other

A few weeks ago Emme announced that she identified as gender nonbinary, and her mother referred to it using the pronoun “elle.”

Then it was found out that seraphine It also declared itself non-binary, and the best thing is that it has the support of Emme.

Through photos you can see the great complicity and connection that exists between Emme and Seraphina since they met.

They always walk together and are happy and comfortable and have the same style, so they are going through the same thing, so they can understand each other and be the most supportive of each other.

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The daughters of JLo and Ben Affleck have found their best accomplice in each other, and show that stepsisters can become your best friend and support when no one else understands you.

And it is that now that they live in the same house, because JLo and Ben found their love nest, they can coexist better and show their support, making it clear that they are there to learn and grow together.