her daughter teaches how to look chic and modern with rock boots

Emme Muñiz, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez has grown and become a beautiful 14-year-old teenager, with a unique and original style.

The young lady loves to wear comfortable and modern garments, such as mom jeans, oversize shirts and t-shirts, and tennis shoes.

Although many criticize her, she remains firm to her style and what makes her feel comfortable, and the best thing is that she has the support of her mother, JLo, who allows her to wear what makes her happy.

One of the riskiest garments Emme has carried are the rock boots, that he has combined in a chic and relaxed way, giving fashion classes.

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter teaches how to wear rock boots

Scottish skirt with pantyhose and t-shirt

For an outing with her mom, Emme wore a very relaxed and chic look, composed of a red and black plaid skirt, and a black t-shirt.

This outfit was complemented with a white shirt inside, black pantyhose and rock boots in the same tone, with gloves, looking original and beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez

Mom jeans and oversized t-shirt

The teenager looked very comfortable and chic with a casual look that she wore with mom jeans and an oversize t-shirt in a brown tone.

This outfit was complemented with rock boots, and wore her hair down, revealing her natural curls.

overalls and sweater

Emme also combined some casual and comfortable clothes in the most chic way, and that is that she wore a dark blue overalls with a plaid knitted sweater.

JLo’s daughter put aside her favorite sneakers, to opt for this look for some very chic boots in black and white stripes, looking beautiful.

There are many ways to combine style with comfort, and Emme Muñiz proves it with these looks in which she wears these chic rock boots.