her daughters hospitalized because of a virus, she finally breaks the silence

It’s a difficult and stressful experience, we’re not going to lie to each other“, confided Clémentine Sarlat on June 27 in story instagram. Because two of her daughters, Jasmine, 1 and a half years old, and June, born in February 2022, fell ill following a mysterious virus… The sports journalist immediately felt helpless in the face of the disease. We tell you everything!

Clémentine Sarlat: this name surely means something to you. She is married to rugby player Clément Marienval but not only! This sports journalist has been talked about in April 2020 after denouncing sexist behavior by the sports editorial staff of France Televisions in the columns of The Team. Since then, Clémentine Sarlat has headlined Amazon Prime Video at Roland-Garros.

A very difficult test for the sports journalist

The young mother recognizes it: landing on the media scene in this way was not easy for her. “What is more difficult for me is that my name is associated with the three dismissals whereas it is a shortcut. These three dismissals France Televisions follow a survey of 114 people. It may have nothing to do with me. Except that it will always be the Sarlat affair. That’s hard and that’s one of the reasons I quit Twitter last summer. I couldn’t bear to see my name everywhere, to see things that weren’t the truth.”, she confided to GQ magazine in May 2021.

But she still notes that mentalities are changing. “Let’s say it was difficult before Marie’s documentary (Portolano, editor’s note) because I was the only one to have testified or almost. Once the documentary aired, it was rather a relief. Because it shows that the problem is systemic, societal. It is transposed in all spheres of society, not only in sports journalism. And then I was proud to have done that all the same, it was super hard to do it, the consequences were difficult to accept. But it gave other women the power to speak, to say ‘stop’,” she continues.

“It was super hard”

And to add: “We talk a lot about Pierre Ménès. But I know that all this triggered management emails in a lot of newsrooms. To do seminars, to say that you have to talk, to put things straight. We agree that this cannot be solved all at once. It will take time, but the discussion can be done. We can no longer close our eyes and say that it does not exist. What I find unfortunate are not the articles that came out on it. On the contrary, but more than I saw few men in the middle to speak. Grégoire Margotton was great. He said he may have been part of the problem. That he wasn’t 100% flawless but that he listened and wanted to learn. That’s the attitude to have.”, she welcomes indeed.

News of his two daughters

After having gone through this ordeal, here she is helpless in the face of the illness of her two daughters.June is hospitalized. Jasmine is also in the hospital next to her sister. They have caught a virus that they are struggling to fight and it is hard for them and for us. They are very well taken care of but it is a difficult and stressful experience, we are not going to lie to each other“, she said in fact on June 27 in story instagram.

Clémentine Sarlat immediately took herare two little ones at the children’s hospital in Bordeaux. And difficult for this young mother not to worry! Fortunately, everything has been better since Monday, July 4. HOME. 9 days later we returned home. Finally at 5. I already knew it, but after spending 9 days in the pediatric hospital, I can say it, we are lucky to have such an efficient care system (even if it deserves to be improved) and YOU caregivers, you tear“, she thus announced on Instagram with a photo of his family. She says she thinks about all those parents for whom their child’s illness is their daily life“. ” You have all my admiration“, she slipped to them in passing. All’s well That ends well !

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