Her daughters-in-law can’t stand each other

Even a Victoria Beckham can’t help! Her two daughters-in-law should not be able to stand each other.

the essentials in brief

  • Victoria Beckham officially has two daughters-in-law.
  • Both can only suffer to a limited extent, it is said.

If the daughter-in-law can’t be with the daughter-in-law…

Welcome to the Beckham home! Nicola Peltz (27) and Mia Regan (19) shouldn’t really like each other here.

Even a reconciliation meeting initiated by Victoria Beckham (48) herself was unsuccessful. The three women’s open-air meal was canceled at short notice.

The two women actually have every reason to get along well. Billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz (27) just married Brooklyn Beckham (23) in Palm Beach (Florida).

And Mia Regan has been in a relationship with Romeo Beckham (19) since March 2019. The lovebirds even kept their love a secret at first.

And there is something else that connects the women apart from their fondness for Beckham offspring: modeling. Both Nicola and Mia are only too happy to be in front of the camera.

Do you follow the Beckham offspring and their loved ones?

Mia has already stood in front of the lens together with Romeo for a campaign by sporting goods manufacturer Puma. She has also modeled for Victoria Beckham.

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