her drastic life change after the show

At the moment, the Gayat family is talking about it on social networks. Recently, Internet users had launched a rumor about a potential breakup between Olivier and Soukdavone, but the father of the family had immediately refuted the statements and dotted the i’s. The couple is still together and welded. Of course, having a big tribe is never easy, but it was the couple’s dream and they made it happen. In any case, one thing is certain, the show Large families completely changed the life of the whole household. Indeed, Olivier Gayat made revelations to journalists from Entertainment TV. It was an opportunity to unveil a big change for the family!

Large families : a life-changing program!

It is in 2020 that the public discovers the Gayat in the program of Large families, life in XXL. Soukdavone and Olivier shared with the French their daily life with their nine children. One can only admire these exemplary parents who command respect. Since the start of the broadcast, this multicultural family has totally charmed the public. Unfortunately for the viewers, they decided to stop their participation in the show. But, what is certain is that the latter had a very positive impact for them, especially for the father of the family.

A new career for the father of the family

Unlike the Santoro tribe, the Gayat have no intention of returning to Large families. In any case, not for this year. The parents have other ambitions and Olivier Gayat has had a busy professional schedule for a few months. Indeed, he embarked on a great adventure. During the interview for our colleagues from Entertainment TV, the father of the family explains his new job. As you know, he was originally a house painter and he worked for a company. Well, thanks to the money earned in the program of Large families, he became his own boss!

Indeed, Olivier Gayat of Large families created its structure. “I’m still an influencer and I still work in construction. Thanks to the fallout from the show, I was able to open my can of paint and soil. It’s very recent, I opened my business at the beginning of last November,” unveiled the one who recently became a grandfather. Then, he did not hesitate to repeat clearly that everything was settled with his wife. Enough to silence the rumors of separation on the Web. Fans are delighted with this good news.

Like father like daughter !

Moreover, the father of Large families is not the only one with projects in the tribe. Indeed, his eldest daughter Olivia will soon be living with her companion Sora. ” I’m still influencing and growing my YouTube channel at the same time. I have other projects coming up as well, like building my house. We are currently in the final phase of the paperwork. We are going to sign at the notary and the construction should start next month. The move is scheduled for early 2023″, explained the young woman of 26 years. Clearly, ambition is transmitted from father to daughter in the Gayat tribe!

Besides, Soukdavone’s health problems are just old memories. Indeed, last November, the courageous mother had been the victim of a large calculation which blocked her bladder. Thus, she was forced to undergo an emergency operation. But, his sufferings were not over yet. Last February, she returned to the hospital to have new ” small calculations“. After this complicated period, the mother of Large families is much better and we hope it lasts.

Large families: another candidate in trouble

The Gayats are not the only ones who have seen their lives changed after their participation in the Large families. Indeed, discover the testimony of Amandine Pellissard below. She and her children also saw their destiny change. Alas, it’s not necessarily for the best…

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