Her ex (very famous) in her kitchen, Her “prince charming” husband, her ritual with her children…

Julie Andrieu, fulfilled by her illustrious husband, Dr. Stéphane Delajoux and his children, hosted her ex, the photographer Jean-Marie Périer, 82 years old. The host confided in “cohabitation”, her family life, her annual ritual with her children…

Julie Andrieu48 years old, is fulfilled professionally, but also on a personal level. The gastronomy-savvy host lives happy days with her spousal neurosurgeon, Stéphane Delajoux. “It is often said that the Prince Charming does not exist, I think that I still met him a little! He does absolutely everything, but I still have a little more control over the children’s part and the cooking. But be careful, voluntarily“, she confided to Gala.

Julie Andrieu: her children, her “priority”

The presenter of the show Julie’s Notebooks is also happy mother of Hadrien, 9, and Gaïa, 6. She tries, as much as possible, to take as much time as possible to enjoy her children: “Regularly, they ask me if they can cook with me, which I gladly accept. Often, I suggest that we do things together“.

I made my children a priorityfirstly because they arrived late in my life so it’s easier to slow down professionally, and then also because I myself have been a priority for my mother (Nicole Courcel, who was a single mother, editor’s note). I got a lot of strength and confidence from it, that’s why I think it’s essential“, added to Gala the 48-year-old host, who is releasing her magazine chewable.

Julie Andrieu: her annual meeting with her children

Julie Andrieu also makes sure to transmit essential values ​​to them through her love for cooking: “I also pass on to them respect for each other because when you cook, you have to distribute the tasks, there is a certain sense of teamwork. And then, curiosity, because behind the recipes, I tell them stories. We talk about products, producers, it’s a way of looking to the world“. And to specify however: “We can be a good mom without cookingI assure you, it was the case of mine“.

To make sure to create unforgettable memories with her children, the former food critic has also set a real appointment: “Every year I take a trip with each of my children. I will soon be leaving for four days in the Rome region with Gaïa. Then I will leave for four more days with Hadrian in Lisbon. Each year, we discover a big city, sometimes a region, and we realize a Travelogue“.

Julie Andrieu hosted her ex, Jean-Marie Périer

Apart from Stéphane Delajoux, another man counted in the life of Julie Andrieu. It’s about photographer Jean-Marie Perierwho was his companion for four years, in the 90s. Even if thetheir romance is overtheir bond is so strong that she has hosted the photographer and friend of Françoise Hardy at her homeduring sometime.

For a while he was somewhat homeless. If he has his house in Aveyron, he had no place to stay in Paris, so we put him up during his stays in Paris“, she confided, always to Gala. Julie Andrieu assured that her husband saw no inconvenience: “The cohabitation went well, both get along very well“. From now on, the photographer and the host no longer live under the same roof, but their friendship remains very solid!

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