Her father on the verge of “selling their house”, the singer intervenes to prevent it

Chimène Badi has always been able to count on the support of her father in her career. This one was ready to do anything (or almost) to help his daughter break through…

Long before being known to the French public, Chimène Badi already had a huge fan: her father. From the moment he heard his daughter sing to him Part-Time Lover from Stevie Wonder at age 13, Mohammed Badi never stopped believing in his daughter’s potential. When the small family lived in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, in Lot-et-Garonne, this former prison officer was even ready to mortgage the house to go to Paris and help his daughter make a career in song.

Chimène Badi: her father was ready to mortgage his house

We lived in Lot-et-Garonne and it was quite difficult to access producers. He had to go to Paris and, to have the means, sell the house. And I was ready to do it. I believed hard as iron that she was going to make it“, he confided in a recent interview with Gala. “He wanted to repay the loan and use the rest of the money to settle in Paris, record models“, explained Chimène Badi, before specifying that she had refused that her father initiate such steps. “We were a family, we had to keep our house. But it was a wonderful proof of loveand dad believed in it more than me at the time“, recalled the 40-year-old artist with emotion.

Chimène Badi: her father had predicted everything (or almost)…

Mohammed Badi was a key element in the career of Chimène Badi. The admiration he had for his daughter from the start allowed her to gain self-confidence and try her luck in the music industry, passing the cast of the show which revealed her to the general public in 2002, pop stars. “Without him, I don’t think I would have passed the casting for Popstars in Bordeaux, where he accompanied me“, specified the singer.

The show identified young talents to form a music group and launch their career. At the time, the young woman had not been selected for the stage of the creation of the group, but her talent had been spotted by the music producer Valéry Zeitoun, who helped her launch her solo career. “The craziest thing is that my father planned it. He told me : ‘I hope you won’t be part of the group, but that you will get an artist contract’. And that’s exactly what happened“, commented Chimène Badi, still with Gala.

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