Her husband wrote a song for her and he left her for the video-click actress – Nueva Mujer

The Mexican singer Julieta Venegas decided to tell everything about her life. The composer did not save anything in the interview that Yordi Rosado did and that she broadcast this Monday, January 2, through her account at Youtube.

Julieta revealed details of her family life, her childhood, how her passion for music was born, as well as her experiences in love. She confessed that her life plan was to dedicate herself to classical music, thanks to the piano lessons that she received from her teacher Margarita de ella since she was a child.

He stated that his father obtained a piano as part of payment for a photographic work, so at the age of 8 he began with his lessons with his brothers, but none showed interest in music, but his teacher Margarita noticed his ability and that passion that he was being born and commented to Venegas’s father that he did not need to force his children to class. However, Juliet did want it.

“Thanks to her I dedicate myself to music (…) She was a very, very small woman. My teacher Margarita was the reason why I stayed in music (…) I wanted to dedicate myself to a conservatory, to classical music, but I never managed to find what I had with her (Margarita) what I felt when I went to her classes.. I had several more teachers, but it was never the same”, the musical artist was honest.

no english songs

Julieta explained that she always lived between Los Angeles, United States, and Tía Juana, Mexico. She is constantly coming and going, but during her first seven years of life she spent a lot of time in Aztec land, and she only watched programming in English.

“I learned English watching TV, because it’s much easier and more accessible to watch gringo TV because it was the signal we had nearby. The Mexican had to get it, everything looked bad. At that time, the radio we listened to was also the gringa radio. I never studied English as such, and I am bilingual because I watched TV non-stop, everything in English, ”she explained.

When asked by Yordi about why it is not composed in English, she argued: “I don’t know why, there is something in English. I don’t know why I have felt closer emotionally to Spanish. English is easy for me: I read it, I listen to a lot of music in English, but I don’t know, for some reason, when I write I feel more like myself when I do it in Spanish”.

He indicated that during the radical quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he did have the opportunity to compose a song in Anglo-Saxon.

failure in love

Julieta married the Chilean musician Álvaro Henríquez in 1998, but their marriage was destined to fail and after two years they annulled it: “He always lived in Chile and I always lived in Mexico. We got married but each one lived in his country. (…) Nobody ever moved from their country, it was never resolved and we separated, ”she pointed out.

The 52-year-old singer humorously recalled her love failure: “Now it makes me funny. He wrote me a super beautiful, very romantic song called Don’t fail me, which is beautiful, and in the video click he made of that song, an actress came out with whom he later fell in love and left me for that actress.

Currently the composer is married to the Argentine Pablo Braun and is based in that country.