her Mother’s Day family snap is causing serious concern

Céline Dion is terribly missed by her fans and it is obviously mutual. Indeed, for the international star that she is to decide to cancel and postpone shows, it is because the time is serious. First, it was the pandemic that forced the star to disappoint his fans. Then it was his health that forced him to rest. Victim of irrepressible muscle spasms, she was in no condition to offer a show worthy of the name to her fans. In any case, this is what Celine Dion said in October 2021.

But since then, his health has improved only slightly. So, this April 29, the diva once again addressed her audience, through her social networks, to postpone and cancel further dates of her tour. Since then, concern has continued to rise among his fans. Objeko do not hide from you that they wonder if the state of health of the mother of Eddy, Nelson and René Charles is not in reality worse than what she wants to admit. With the publication of his family photo for Mother’s Day, the concerns start again.

Celine Dion gives her news, a mixed review

The star suspects she’s breaking her fans’ hearts by postponing and canceling concert dates. In fact, she does not hide from them that it breaks her heart too. But health must come first and his audience understands this all too well. The marks of support Celine Dion has received since announcing that she was suffering from muscle spasms are grandiose. The diva warmly thanks her fans when she has the opportunity, even indicating that these marks of attention are part of her remedies to get better.

Despite everything, Celine Dion’s fans may rejoice to hear that she is getting better and better, rejoice to see her speak to them directly, they find the time long. And they especially find that the diva is far from looking good. Thin, pale, sometimes trembling, they can’t help believing that she’s hiding something worse. What if these spasms were an excuse not to talk about more serious illnesses? Celine Dion’s audience is crossing their fingers and praying that the star will regain her former energy. May she be able to get back on stage one day and put on a show like she’s never done before. But in the meantime, this publication for Mother’s Day awakens their fears.

A publication that delights and worries the public at the same time

“On this Mother’s Day, I feel very privileged to be able to be with my children and I have a very special thought for those mothers in Ukraine and all over the world who have lost their children… And I think of those mothers who are constantly worry about the safety of their children… And also to those mothers who devote every ounce of their energy just to providing their children with the necessities of life. These mothers are truly the bravest and I dedicate this special day to them. We pray that they find comfort for their families, and peace in this world. »wrote Celine Dion in the caption of this new photo published on her Instagram account.

But the beautiful message she wrote on the occasion of Mother’s Day was not what caught the attention of her fans the most. Indeed, Celine Dion was posing in this photo. And it is to this that his admirers have been most attentive. In particular, they wanted to make sure that the singer keeps in shape despite the recent news of her concert date postponements. Because the diva’s shows keep getting pushed back and canceled, they fear the worst for her health. And Objeko told you above, fans of Celine Dion realize the obvious. They find that she is pale and that she looks exhausted in this very beautiful family photo.

Rather than being totally happy to take advantage of an unpublished photo of Celine Dion, moreover surrounded by her three sons, the star’s fans do not hide their fears. It is therefore a mixture of joy and doubts, of happiness and anxiety that they feel. In the comments, and on social networks in general, it is the majority of Internet users who fear that the health of Celine Dion is actually much worse than what she wants to say.

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