her path to fame was not easy – New Woman

With a successful artistic career of more than 20 years behind him, Barbara Mori is recognized today as one of the most successful, talented and beloved actresses in Mexico.

He became known throughout the world masterfully embodying the iconic Ruby, the beautiful but perverse protagonist of the successful telenovela of the same name from 2004.

However, before stepping into the heels of the cheeky and consolidate as a star, the Uruguayan was a young woman like any other with the desire to become a great actress.

The star discovered her passion for acting while She worked as a model during her youth. Driven by this inclination, she began her acting studies.

The Center for Studies of Actoral Training of TV Azteca (Cefac), an important Mexican television station, was the place where he began to train as an interpreter.

Once trained to exploit her unquestionable artistic talents and with a huge desire to conquer the world, Mori began to attend his first castings to debut as an actress.

The look of Bárbara Mori in one of her first auditions

The then applicant had to knock on doors attending auditions until finding the opportunity to show his talent and his passion for acting.

Of those private tests to win a role in some production there is a recording released several years ago for him Show of shows The fat and the skinny.

In one of its programs, the Univisión broadcast disclosed said video of the artist while doing one of his first castings for an unspecified project early in his career.

Barbara Mori

In the video, whose filming date was not specified, you can see a very young Bárbara Mori posing in front of a camera to be portrayed in all its angles.

Barbara Mori

Also, apart from being captured with light makeup and her hair loose, acted out a scene where she talks on the phone very upset by the silence of his interlocutor.

Barbara Mori

The images not only show that she has always had the great talent for which she is famousbut also that its natural beauty remains unchanged over time.

Barbara Mori

On the other hand, although the outcome of this audition is unknownit’s known that I died debuted on television shortly after beginning his acting studies, specifically, in 1996.

Barbara Mori

Bárbara Mori from her debut to the present

At just 18 years old, the then novel actress premiered as part of the cast of the children’s telenovela tric-trac. The following year, she got her first big role in the novel Woman’s look.

After this melodrama, he began to play his first leading roles until he became Rubythe project with which he reached the highest point of his career.

Behind the boom of the production of Televisahe moved away from soap operas to build his career in cinema and theaterwhere he has excelled in front of and behind the scenes ever since.

Although, it should be noted, it has not been closed to projects in television format. In fact, she has participated in series like the negotiator (2021).

Today, at 43 years old, Barbara Mori continues to shine as a hallowed luminary on all stages of the artistic medium.

That yes, only within projects that she is passionate about and make her grow.