her son in blood, victim of a very serious fall, she feels unwell

Still upset, she recounts her son’s accident

Domestic accidents are very numerous in France every year. Fortunately, simple injuries conclude most of them. Of the 4.5 million accidents declared each year in France, three-quarters take place in the home. For the others, it is the immediate surroundings, such as the garden or the garage. Emilie had perhaps until then been lucky enough to never see her children involved in an accident of this type. Till today.

When she was planning to take her daughter on a pony, her son fell and split his skull open. On social networks, it is still trembling that she returned to this story: “ I say to my son, come on mom, she’s getting you ready (…) Between the dining room and the living room, there are two steps (…) He falls, he hits his head against the stairs. (…) When I pick it up, its forehead is open and it starts to pee blood (…)”. Emilie does not hide it, she panics. Fortunately, she has the right reflex, that of calling for help: ” I call my brother, it flowed like never before. My son was screaming (…) I am useless in these situations, I felt bad.

She passes out when she discovers the wound

Between the fear of seeing her child injured and the injury itself, Emilie Fiorelli no longer holds. ” I feel unwell although I’m not afraid of blood, it’s never happened to me, but since he’s my child, I couldn’t manage”. Fortunately, the young child is doing well. ” I’m exhausted, I was so under pressure (…) My mother told me to put things into perspective, scars give you charm. » Emilie even finds a way to laugh it off by joking about Harry Potter, the fictional novel and film character known for his lightning bolt scar. Hoping for Farrel that his future scar is as stylish as that of the most famous wizard.

The mother still had to drive her son to the emergency room. Two stitches in the forehead were needed to close the wound. Perhaps the little one was able to see his father afterwards, since his parents are now separated, after several months of multiple arguments.

She was no longer in love

The relationship between Emilie and footballer M’Baye Niang was more than tumultuous. Several times, the two lovers separate, before getting back together. But Emilie ended up putting an end to it for good. ” Long story short, I was no longer in love… Even if of course that with children we want to believe it. I didn’t have to overcome a breakup, I chose this breakup. By dint of wear, abuse, I ended up detaching myself and making up my mind. Today, I am happy like that. Apart from my development, that of my children is important and I find them happy. that’s all that matters, that we are all happy“.

Today, the one who made herself known in Secret Story has decided not to talk about the father of her children on social networks. She then asks her subscribers not to ask her any more questions about her, simply because she no longer wishes to answer them:

Any question about the father of my children is useless. I have already “justified” myself on my situation. So there is no need to ask me questions again and again. I decided to live my life like this, the past is behind me. Imagine if in everyday life people talk to you about your ex, at first it passes, after it is slightly heavy. Not that it hurts me, I have no difficulty talking about it, it’s just that I don’t see any interest in it. Today I am moving forward”.

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