her super simple secret to losing weight without depriving yourself

If you are looking for a way to achieve your weight loss goal, here are some tips to make the magic happen! Word of VIP!

Guaranteed success with this weight loss

Mindy Kaling. This name may not mean anything to you, but in the United States, it is a real star. A few weeks ago, she made a remarkable appearance at the big party that followed the Oscars ceremony. Of course, everyone then had in mind the altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith. However, the new morphology of this solar actress is making headlines. Exclusively, she explains her long road to weight loss. Obviously, her second baby would be responsible for her questioning. When the stork dropped him off, the planet was confined. In view of the health protocol, and like a majority of actors, she is technically unemployed. This is only the beginning of a slow reconstruction before heading back to the studios.

That click that changed everything

After understanding that she was going to have to live with pathology while exercising her passion, Mindy Kaling begins to look at the contents of her fridge. Naturally, she begins to sort out what she likes and what the weight loss specialists recommend to her. Stubborn, she will compete in ingenuity to adapt her diet to her daily life.

Between her old confinement joggings and her wonderful clothes worn during social events, Mindy creates a shock with her entourage. It’s simple, her eldest finds her so beautiful that she will even go so far as to compare her to a famous cartoon character. Yes, yes, she speaks well of Princess Elsa in Frozen. After this immense weight loss, she could quite hum the mythical “liberated released”. His conclusion is without appeal. She was in awe. It was kind of fun to impress her. » But more than a simple metamorphosis, Objeko wonders how she managed to melt so much, like ice cream in the sun. No worries, she will explain everything to the smallest detail.

What is his weight loss method?

In the middle of the week, how to integrate four meetings with a coach when you have a toddler and you are the co-writer and actress of the flagship series of NBC ? First, she starts by giving us two weight loss tips. Between investing in a cardio machine VersaClimber and his frequent visits to the weight room SoulCycle, she doesn’t have a minute to herself. Fortunately, she manages to squeeze in a few yoga sessions. ” It’s such a powerful tool for me mentally. » Little fan of sport in general, she is aware that the choice of ingredients is essential to reconcile with her figure.

Contrary to what might be believed, Mindy Kaling does not deprive herself of anything. It’s simple, she eats everything, and preferably what she likes the most. In the past, she has tried to make a ” restrictive diet. Except things like intermittent fasting didn’t work on her in the long run. Very quickly, his gluttony returned at a gallop. Decision is made to reduce quantity, but not to skimp on quality. Faced with the amazement of journalists, she is ironic. And yes, with her, there is no miracle method. Motivation, persuasion, it’s all in the mind!

Also, when asked which foods she will never quit, she cites sushi as well as cocktails. Aware that she is an example for the younger generations, she insists on moderation. At the end of the interview, she reveals that at the restaurant, she always orders her favorite dishes, but only eats half of them.

One last weight loss anecdote for the road

Highlighting this paradox, she recalls that before her weight loss, she tended to force herself to finish everything or have more. You got it, don’t count on her to avoid biting into a (half) square of chocolate. Life is so much more beautiful when you have self-confidence!

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