her tender secrets about her children Léo and Alma

In “La brigade”, Audrey Lamy dons the costume of a chef who transmits a taste for cooking to young migrants. The role thrilled her so much that she almost gave up the sets for the stoves. Her passion for gambling caught up with her. Anxious but always ready to joke, the actress confides in her career, her choices and her family. Excerpts from our interview.

Your son, Leo, is 5 years old. He knows you’re an actress?
Audrey Lamy. Yes, he understood it recently. At the moment, he often repeats to me: “Audrey Lamy, can I have an autograph, please?” And when I’m stopped in the street, he says to me: “Mom, you’re lucky, people love you too much!” He saw one of my films for the first time, “The Treasure of Little Nicolas”. I hope one day he will watch “The Squad” and be proud to see his mother playing committed roles. I don’t do politics, but the films I choose speak for me. I hope that this one will succeed in changing the way we look at these unaccompanied minors. The wealth of France is our diversity. I am a mother and I want to give hope to all these young people today, who can no longer live carefree after two years of Covid and then the war in Ukraine…

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What are you passing on to your son?
I explain to him that nothing is serious, that there are always solutions. And I would like to pass on to him the notion of solidarity. Today, when we talk about “collective”, we have the impression that it has become a bit cutesy term. I believe a lot in mutual aid, I think that’s what gives hope.

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You have a boy but you also recently welcomed a little girl…
Yes, at the moment, I’m nursing because we welcomed a little girl last August. She is 5 months old, her name is Alma and she is wonderful.

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