Here are the images of the incredible Super Nintendo World in Hollywood that will delight Super Mario fans

Between the virtual and the real, there will soon be only one step. Nintendo and “Super Mario” fans will soon be able to explore the Mushroom Kingdom in real life, and without a controller. Indeed, after Japan, the United States will open the doors of its first amusement parks dedicated to the Nintendo mascot, on February 17th. Called “Super Nintendo World”, it will take place in the heart of Universal Studios in Hollywood. Mushrooms to knock out, bananas to avoid, hidden piranha plants, bricks filled with money, everything has been thought out to faithfully reproduce the game universe.

For fans of Mario Kart, a merry-go-round will immediately take you to a setting that is more real than ever, in the heart of the villainous “Bowser’s” castle. Once equipped with augmented reality glasses, it will be possible to fire virtual shells from the nacelle at enemies that will be displayed on the visor. Installed aboard a mini vehicle, visitors can also try to cross the finish line before Mario, Luigi or even Peach in a course strewn with pitfalls as the video game wants.

Japan, land of the Nintendo

The park is attempting to recreate “the ultimate playground,” according to Universal Creative vice president Jon Corfino. “We combined video effects, projections, LED screens, real magical and immersive sets, special effects, physical effects, augmented reality,” he explains in comments transcribed by the American media. “These are always the same challenges as on a console, but this time in real life.” If the opening is scheduled for next February 17, the price of a classic entry is 109 dollars, a lucky visitor was able to discover the park in preview. “Being here is like replicating my childhood in real life,” he told theAFPdressed in the costume of his favorite plumber.

Cradle of the nintendo, what country other than Japan could host the very first amusement park dedicated to this world so appreciated by young and old alike? Indeed, before the United States, in 2021 the city of Osaka opened the doors of a leisure area called “Super Nintendo World”, within the huge park of Universal Studios Japan. Other similar Ninento spaces are planned, notably in Orlando, Florida.