here are the telltale signs of dehydration that should alert you

The heat wave is a weather phenomenon normally rare. But for some time now, it has unfortunately become synonymous with summer. Similarly, periods of heat waves are becoming more intense and more numerous.

Readers ofObjeko have probably already seen this phrase, which is intended to be ironic, and which is nevertheless true, pass on social networks: “it’s a hot summer but it’s the coolest summer of the rest of our lives”.

In short, the heat wave is part of our daily lives. But we must not learn to distrust her. Dehydration comes quickly and it can have dramatic consequences. To prevent this, you need to stay hydrated regularly. But above all, recognize the symptoms of a lack of water in the organism.

The dangers of the heat wave

It is common to hear that high heat can cause discomfort. That you have to take it easy and slow down the pace of your activities to avoid heat stroke. But what hides behind all these phenomena linked to the heat wave is the dehydration.

Indeed, if it is necessary to slow down the pace during a heat wave, it is because the temperatures are so high that the body sweats even when inactive. But all the water he loses in sweating, to cool the body, he has to get it back somehow.

It is therefore recommended to drink plenty of water. Between 1.5L and 2L of water per day. But also to wet the neck regularly or to take showers. Beware, however, of do not take freezing showers or drink too cold water. It’s a bad reflex that will ultimately send bad signals to the body. He may then sweat less but this will dry out your body.

Stay in the shade, stay well hydrated and rest, here is the advice that should be applied during a heat wave. But how to be sure to drink enough water when you drink without thirst? Objeko shows you the symptoms to watch out for. Signs recognized by doctors and also advanced by our colleagues in the newspaper Free lunch.

Symptoms that indicate dehydration

One of the first signs that you are not drinking enough water is the color of your urine. If they are dark or colored, it means that you will need to drink more. Another easy to spot sign, common in heat waves, is that of the ” roasted tongue“. When it is dry, very red and you have a pasty mouth, there is no doubt that you are close to a strong dehydration.

Other indicators like headachethe dry skin where the cramps do not deceive. Migraines often result, in hot weather, from a malfunction of blood vessels. However, they need water for optimal functioning. Especially when the heat sets in.

Finally, if you have chills or you find you have difficulties in going to the seal, these are still signs of dehydration. The heat wave is not a phenomenon to be taken lightly, it is imperative to hydrate more to avoid suffering from it. Lack of water can also cause urinary infections.