Here I am four years old telling people’s stories, achievements and dreams

On May 21, 2018 he was born a new proposal in the radio of Santa Cruz with the aim of becoming a space to discover talents, discover life stories and listen to the voices of ordinary people, who have many things to tell.

I’m here is named after the program that is broadcast by the signal of EL DEBER Radio, 103.3 FM and that this Saturday turns four under the leadership of the journalist Linda González.

González was accompanied in a first stage by the musician Ronaldo Vaca Pereira. The host to this day continues to be the voice and face of the programwhich is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

In all this time there have been almost countless guests who have been through the program and have shared their stories with the audienceas well as the international personalities who were interviewed by González, most of them by video calls.

Preciselythe idea is to celebrate the anniversary with special guests in the edition of this Friday, May 20. González anticipated that the program will make contact with the Santa Cruz Munir Somoya, physical trainer and physical rehabilitator of the famous Mexican boxer Saúl Canelo Álvarezwho has won world championships in four different weight classes in the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring organizations.

I’m here too will have another luxury guest: Bryan Russell, the first Peruvian with Down syndrome who obtained a university degree and also the first candidate for parliamentary elections with that condition.

Finally, it will be present in the program Grecia Balboa, the Bolivian actress who was part of the movie The Suicide Squad, where she plays a security chief who protects a tower that the squad intends to enter. In the film, she shares roles with stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Margot Robbie.


Linda clarified that this Friday will be the special program for the fourth anniversary, but the intention is to make the celebration big later.

“In the coming months there will be a special act in which the people who contributed to the program will be, people who made their way to tell their stories and show their empathy with the citizen, in addition to those people who contribute to the culture and development of our region”, González advanced.

He also anticipated that the program can be heard on a podcast and that there will be a Saturday edition.

The host expressed her gratitude to the audience that has listened to the program all this time and has expressed the positive effect that it has generated in their lives.

“Here I am has achieved an incredible reach, people want to be on the program, they call us from different parts of the country, even from other countries to tell us that they want to be on it. These are things that make us feel that what we are achieving with this journalism is goodThat is why I am happy with what has been achieved in these four years”, says González.

Among some of the moments he remembers most fondly is the interview with the Chilean singer Myriam Hernández and having learned the story of the doctor Rodrigo Merchánwhich, after Suffering an accident that immobilized him from the chest area down, kept going by sheer willpower and ended up being a surgeon operating in a wheelchairyes

There is no better thing in life than being the instrument to help people achieve their dreams, let their struggles, their talent and their abilities be known. That is a great satisfaction”, concludes González.