here is the new tax tool to flush out fraudsters and recover taxes

The fight against tax evasion is now a priority to recover the sums of taxes which were not collected by the State.

More than 13 billion recovered by the State

Thus, several weeks ago Olivier Dussopt, the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, was delighted that this fight had produced notable results with 13.4 billion euros in adjustments just for the year 2021. By indicating that of this sum, 10.7 billion had already been collected during the year. To compare, the amount claimed in 2020 was 8.7 billion euros, of which 7.8 were recovered.

In recent years, the Directorate General of Public Finances has chosen to modernize to better fight against tax evasion, as the daily Le Figaro points out. As a result, thanks to a device called “Pilat” for monitoring and control analysis, the tracking of fraudsters is more optimal.

Awesome software

And since the authorization to use it by a decree of March 2022 which follows a favorable opinion from the Cnil, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties, a new software has been added to the already existing range: l Galaxy app.

This software makes it possible to monitor taxpayers in their exchanges, to process all the personal data collected and to make all the data available for a tax audit so that everything is cross-checked.

As the decree indicates, Galaxie is a “visualization tool, at the national level on the one hand, of the links existing between professional entities and between professional entities and natural persons, and on the other hand, elements of context on the financial and fiscal situation of these individuals”. The goal is to “carry out research, investigation, control and recovery operations for tax breaches. »

Interactions and exchanges will be carefully scrutinized to detect any undeclared income. But this software can only be used by authorized agents. It must be said that tax evasion is an important subject. Thousands of French people put their money in tax havens to avoid paying taxes. The State wants to fight against this phenomenon.

Taxation, an important subject

Galaxie: While the presidential campaign has just ended and that of the legislative elections begins, the question of taxes and duties is an eminently political subject. Indeed, the distribution of the tax is not the same depending on whether the left or right parties are in power. Thus, left-wing parties put forward the values ​​of solidarity and equality and want the richest to pay more taxes.

The right-wing parties which are rather liberal want to reduce the share of taxes and also reduce the weight of the State in the economy. Right-wing governments have, for example, privatized companies. For right-wing parties like the RPR, then the UMP, the state was not intended to be a shareholder in several large companies.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who became the leader of the left after his third place in the presidential election, is leading the discussions for a grand electoral coalition of left-wing parties. He is in favor of raising taxes. This prospect does not please people with large incomes.

The parties that are liberal in economic matters are in favor of making savings in the various public services. Thus, resources have been withdrawn over the years from many services in health or education. It must be said that the level of sampling is also important in France, unlike what exists in the United States.

Galaxy: In some states, taxes are low but services are failing such as schools, roads or hospitals. Paying taxes serves to make states work. Thus, paying nurses, policemen and teachers is the fruit of taxes. Of course, there are always things that could be improved in management. There is an organization called the Cour des Comptes which is responsible for this.