here is what has become of Julien Cohen, Pierre-Jean Chalençon since their departure

On March 29, viewers were able to watch a special bonus ofDeal done on France 2. As a reminder, its first broadcast dates from August 2017, but since then the team of buyers has changed a lot. Indeed, many people who were present at the start of the show preferred to leave the team. We explain why and we give you their news!

Deal done, everyone has something to sell!

Basically, Deal done was brand new show in its genre and it was a test. Indeed, success was not guaranteed, but the channel wanted to give the program a chance. And, she did well since this one is a hit with audiences. Individuals’ houses are always full of unusual objects, finds in flea markets or garage sales and they can perhaps be resold. Sometimes they are even very expensive without knowing it. So, Sophie Davant receives the owners of these properties from Monday to Friday at 4 p.m. The teams appraise the object and the guests try to make a sale. One thing is certain, these treasures hidden in the homes of the French pleased program buyers. Plus, you always learn something about the story on the show. Deal done.

Julien Cohen, one of the first buyers with blue glasses

Julien Cohen was part of the very first team of buyers deal concluded. With Sophie Davant and other experts, they welcomed guests and their unusual objects. This one was an antique dealer and seller at the Saint-Ouen flea market. You could say he was a real mainstay on the show. He had shared the figures of his experience: “1557 broadcasts filmed, 1813 objects purchased and 7204 people met ” on France 2. Here are the words he wrote about instagram to announce that he was leaving the adventure: Thank you all for these 4 and a half years within Affaire Conclue and, thank you to you, for supporting me during all this time. We will see each other very soon for new projects”. It was during the 2021 holiday season.

The real reasons for his departure fromDeal done

He had revealed exclusively to our colleagues at Mail Picard the reasons for his departure: I lived an extraordinary adventure. And now, the future for me is the development of second-hand shops. It’s the only thing that motivates me and my decision was made with my wife. It is not excluded that I return in a new emission, on the topic of the flea market or the urbex, which I will present alone or perhaps accompanied. It is in reflection, because I do not run after cameras and flashes”.

Just before his last show in Deal done, he had disclosed his remuneration to Tele-Leisure. “The salary is the same for all buyers who receive 1000 euros per day of shooting. And then, when success came, we shot four, then five and today six. Once all the charges are removed, it must be something like 85 euros per show, I think”.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the eccentric of the gang

In addition to Julien Cohen, you have probably not forgotten his playing colleague, Pierre-Jean Chalençon. This one left the adventure ofDeal done in June 2020. “I decided to leave Affaire concluded, it’s been a few weeks since I spoke to the production and to Sophie. I wanted my role to evolve, it didn’t evolve. he explains. His departure was accompanied by a scandal after the publication of a snapshot with Dieudonné. As was predictable, Internet users were on fire on the Web. This event would have accelerated things for the fan of Napoleon Bonaparte. Strongly criticized on social networks, the former buyer ofDeal done spoke about CNews. “I recognize that it was a fault, but all those who know me know that I cannot be suspected of sharing Dieudonné’s ideas”.

Once he had officially left the showDeal done, Pierre-Jean Chalençon does not hesitate to swing on the program “For Affaire Conclue, at the end I said that we were treated like shit and that’s kind of the truth. We were paid with slingshots with ridiculous sums and above all we had no dressing room. Our dressing room for the buyers was the toilets where Sophie Davant went. There was a small fridge with mice and rats and we rested in the decor with a small sofa ”, he declared for Sud Info on March 14. Today, Pierre-Jean Chalençon still uses social networks, offers tours in the Vivienne Palacewhich he owns.

Alain Laugier present in season 1

Finally, we can also mention Alain Laugier who is the first to have left the show of business concluded. The antique dealer did not want to continue for a second season on France 2. “I decided to stop participating in the program because the shooting conditions no longer suited me. I no longer took the same pleasure as at the beginning. So I took my responsibilities thoughtfully and serenely“, he confessed to Star TV. Furthermore, he also told Tele-Leisure that he did not accept certain differences in treatment between buyers. “My shoots have been divided by three. Before I was shooting 6 days a month and now I only shoot two », unlike other buyers. He has returned to “normal” life far from the cameras and continues to manage his shop in Foumourette.