here is who will replace Florent Pagny and Amel Bent in the event of absence from the bonuses

Who could have anticipated that this season of The Voice turns into a disaster. A few hours from the first batelets, we tell you everything!

Drama in The Voice!

This trailer for The Voice made our mouths water. Indeed, the great return of tele-hook Nikos Aligas is always an event. Moreover, the fact that this quartet is back is excellent news. First of all, the hyperactive Vianney must take his revenge. Even if he has no bitterness towards the winner Florent Pagny, he loves supporting talent. As for Amel Bent, she uses her veto from the first minutes of this component. Finally, Marc Lavoine puts on his glasses. Its objective is to read inside the eyes or the soul of the candidates. Alas, in full broadcast, fans of the show understand that the batelets risk a lot. What happened to make the production decide to find last-minute replacements? Either way, who is affected? We tell you everything!

Scoop! 2 of The Voice jurors forfeit!

At the end of January, Florent Pagny takes the lead. He refuses that the news spreads in the press without his agreement. From his serious face, we understand that a disaster has pointed the tip of his nose. After the worries with the taxes which force him to your furniture and his vintage cars, he thought he was safe. However, a nasty tumor with inoperable lungs falls like a hair on the soup. It forces him to question everything. His career, his anniversary tour, The Voice…it stings ! we do not count the physical and psychological damage that chemotherapy causes.

For his part, Amel Bent awaits a happy event. Instead of trying to cover it up like Jenifer in the anniversary season of The Voice, the darling of Patrick Antonelli almost boasts. To honor her team as well as her colleagues, she puts on heels and pretty outfits. His fans are delighted. Knowing that the filming of this part of the component was completed on All Saints 2021, she should give birth at the time of the battles. Oops… that too, we will have to anticipate it!

And the planned replacements are…

Florent Pagny guest this Thursday of the #JT20h of TF1: “The singer will answer questions from Gilles Bouleau and will speak about the fight he has just started against the disease” (channel press release)

— Vincent Labille (@LabVince) February 10, 2022

After having gathered the support of his subscribers and his artist friends, Florent Pagny agrees to break the silence. Faced with Gilles Bouleau, he puts his cards on the table. He, his darling, Azucena and his two children Inca and Aël realized that it was necessary to react quickly to block the road to the disease. By mutual agreement with the production and not concealing his regrets, he put an end to the tour of his sixty springs. Courageous, he continues the blind auditions of The Voice until its end. Recently, he made a remarkable appearance at the concert intended to raise funds for Ukraine. He is like that the singer of My freedom of thought. He invests himself fully to the point of return. Summoned to take care of himself, he knows that morale is essential to overcome the pain of treatment.

Since the start of the season, we have seen that Florent Pagny has been on the rise. Despite the presence of a hidden coach (Nolween Leroy) behind the scenes, the production calls Patrick Flori to the rescue. Accustomed to the show, he will do everything to lead the talents of his colleague to victory. There is therefore no question that they leave with a disability.

An air of deja vu

And for all those who have agreed to join the team of Amel Bent, a legendary former participant of The Voice will rise to the challenge. Admittedly, she did not have the chance to touch the trophy. However, given his success after the show, we can only salute his talent. Hopefully we know the rest of this part like no other!

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