Here’s how a sore throat could actually turn out to be deadly cancer!

Without sinking into paranoia, the throat is an excellent indicator of good health. If the meds aren’t doing enough, go see it!

Watch out for your throat!

If pharmacists had to make a survey among the customers, they would all make the same observation. From September, the gorge is acting up. Worse still, it disrupts daily life. Alas, the recent shortage of paracetamol gives health authorities a hard time. Let it be said, despite the increase in the price of cigarette pack, nicotine has a good back. If we don’t dress warm enough, it’s a safe bet that you pay the consequences. This is why, when returning from vacation, you must be extra vigilant.

In scientific jargon, streptococcal infections are on the rise. Admittedly, beginners find it difficult to write it to see how to pronounce it. To give you an idea, this is a common angina. In this large family of pathologies linked to the throat, the ” scarlet fever [ou bien] bacteremia » come back to the fore.

Of course, the threat of Covid-19 is never far away. Faced with the emergence of variants, we hesitate to be tested and even more to enroll in a vaccination center. Is it really effective in protecting against this virus unknown three years ago? The mystery remains intact. Today the teamObjeko does not expect to wake up the refractory. On the other hand, as a good self-respecting guardian angel, we must warn you of what awaits you if you let your throat pain drag on!

And there, everything changes!

Throat or larynx, it is substantially the same. If cancer develops there, disaster strikes. Moreover, the experts are keen to list the other warning signs. If your loved ones can no longer recognize your voice or you feel a lump, go directly to the emergency room. As for difficulties in swallowing saliva or shortness of breath that resists treatment, this is also the signal to rush to consult a pro. Surely you have one near you. After ultrasound or biopsyit will tell you what to do!

Finally, as always, dramatic weight loss is not a good sign. Regarding fatigue, it occurs at any time of the day or evening. Spread the word, if it’s associated with coughing, it’s not overwork, but a health tsunami. So instead of sinking into denial, why not go get tested to spot the beginnings of possible throat cancer?

Like that of the lungs, colon and s*in, awareness campaigns are regularly organized. As for telling you why more men and fewer women have developed it, that is a mystery for Public Health France. And don’t go get the wrong idea about it. It has nothing to do with Adam’s apple!