here’s how to diagnose and treat it effectively


Despite its name that makes you smile, fatty liver disease is not to be taken lightly for sweet and savory beaks. Ouch, it stings !

Everything you need to know about fatty liver disease

10 millions. Faced with this staggering figure, Objeko falls backwards. Able to demolish the food routine, fatty liver disease deserves attention. Indeed, little known, it wreaks havoc every year. Admittedly, since the spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has largely occupied the media space. However, anxious to give you useful information, our team investigated this pathology. What she discovered should not leave you indifferent. Here we go, follow the guide!

Foie gras disease threatens the daily lives of gourmets!

Foie gras disease has nothing to do with the famous South-West recipe. So, at least on this point, vegans should not worry. In any case, if ever they are concerned, we advise them to make an appointment with an expert. Do not panic, your pharmacist also knows a lot about it. By automatically converting sugar (especially fructose) into fat, the body takes advantage of this to make derail your immune system. So, you have understood it without being drawn, commercial processed foods are now to be banned from your shopping cart. Luckily, they are regularly subject to product recalls. All in all, with hindsight, it is estimated that you gain on the exchange.

Going to your doctor, try to impress him with your knowledge. By stating that you have serious doubts about the presence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, you are bound to score points in his mind. No matter what, there are ways to control the existence and especially the evolution fatty liver disease.

Easy screening

Our English friends gave it a much shorter name than fatty liver disease. baptized NASH, there are many books on the subject. As soon as you have the opportunity, make a balance sheet in the laboratory. In addition to asking for your antibody level able to atomize the Covidyou will check your percentage of transaminases and gamma-GT. After the verdict of the numbers, only an ultrasound will make a formal diagnosis.

Recently, scientists have developed a test. the BIF 4 helps you see much more clearly than originally. With him, there is no longer any doubt. It is obvious, those who have a few pounds to lose and who have crossed the fifties should not hesitate and submit to it!

A magical method

If you’ve seen media reports on the Mediterranean diet, you know what it’s all about. Great for varying the content of your plate, but above all counter the development fatty liver disease, it adapts to the seasons. Your mission, if you accept it, is to lose 10% of his current weight. Courage, Objeko is with you!