here’s why he couldn’t reveal his cancer to his children

Jean-Pierre Pernaut hung on to the end in the face of illness. However, he hadn’t been optimistic right away. The journalist took time to digest the news and talk about it with others, especially his children. This is what we will see in this article. Are you ready ?

Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not announce his cancer to his children

On March 2, it was with amazement that France learned of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Since then, tributes have rained on social networks. It must be said that for several decades the journalist shared the home of many people. For 30 years, he made an appointment with his fans to send them the latest information but also his passion for France. But if we all knew a beating and happy man, it was not always easy for him.

When his second lung cancer was made public, he did not hide having trouble taking the news. The time to get into combat mode, Jean-Pierre Pernaut could not really discuss the subject with his children: “I had a little trouble digesting. It’s hard to hear this news: I took a big hit on the head, without collapsing (…) It’s a serious illness that must be taken seriously. I admit it, it was first Nathalie who mentioned it with them“.

He refused to let himself down

After a time of acceptance, Jean-Pierre Pernaut directly engaged the warrior mode. It must be said that during his life, he had a model of its kind. Indeed, his mother was a real fighter, a real warrior: “My mother has always been a fighter. She wanted to be called a pharmacist, not a pharmacist, even though she was very feminist. I was brought up surrounded by medicine boxes, with total faith in medicine. My mother taught me never to be sorry for yourself“.

And that’s what he did. Throughout his illness, Jean-Pierre Pernaut refused to let himself be defeated. Besides, he always said that the word cancer was scary, but that there was nothing insurmountable about it: “When I talk about my cancer, the reaction is unanimous: ‘Oh shit!’ It’s entertaining. […] We must arrest people with cancer as short-term deaths. We are cured of cancer, life is beautiful. May it last a long time“.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was full of hope

Thanks to Nathalie Marquay, Jean-Pierre Pernaut learned not to be afraid of cancer. It must be said that the young woman also suffered from a very serious cancer a few years ago. Today, doctors are making efforts but the patient must also be combative. It is said, recovering from an illness, goes through the mind too. Ironically, the journalist was not swept away by illness but by complications that arose after heart surgery. Life is sometimes bad…