Here’s why Tom Cruise asked the cast to come back to shoot this completely anecdotal scene from Top Gun: Maverick a week after the film’s shooting ended

Tom Cruise is very demanding with himself and wants to do all the stunt scenes, even the most complicated ones. This requirement makes it possible to see incredible moments of cinema, of a rare veracity, which is therefore beneficial for the spectator. It is sometimes a little less so for his playing partners. It is Glen Powell, actor who interprets the role of Jake “Hangman” Seresin and who almost never played in Top Gun: Maverick, who spilled the beans to the press. It evokes the scene of an American football match. Those who have seen the film will easily recognize that this scene has nothing essential to the plot of this action film by Joseph Kosinski. However, Tom Cruise did not hesitate to summon a good part of the actors to replay this scene. “We shot the scene and at night, we all go out to drink milkshakes and beers explains Glen Powell, who then imagines that he is finished. Except seven days later, “Tom said, ‘We have to do it again. It wasn’t good enough. Let’s do it again. Everyone has to go back to the gym, day and night.’” All the people involved in this American football scene, in front and behind the camera, have therefore left for a ride. For those who have seen the film to say if the scene that is in the film is now good enough.


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