“He’s going to hate that I say that”: Marion Cotillard swings on her son Marcel

César, Golden Globe, BAFTA and even an Oscar. The skill of Marion Cotillard there is no longer any doubt. If an error of course is however to be noted in his career (no one will forget his death in Batman), the 47-year-old actress is one of the best actresses of her generation that many directors are snapping up. Among them, Guillaume Canet, the father of her two children, Louise, 5 years old and Marcel, 11 years old. He called on his services to Asterix and Obelix, The Middle Kingdom in which she plays the role of Cleopatra. And if he is a priori rather happy with what she provided on the set, this is not the case for their children.

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet were among the guests of the show Daily this Tuesday, January 24. To promote the film, the duo told everything, even the clear opinion of the children about their mother. The Chanel muse did not convince Louise and Marcel as Cleopatra, as evidenced by the actress’ speech in Yann Barthès’ program. His son also launched hostilities and according to the actress, he risks resenting her for revealing this scene. After throwing a “He’s gonna hate me saying this” under the amused eye of Guillaume Canet, she started: “One day, he comes to see me in my office and he says to me: ‘Mom, I would like to tell you something but I’m afraid it will hurt you.'” Disconcerted by so much frankness, Marion Cotillard did not disassemble herself and encouraged her son to tell her what he had on his heart:I don’t find you good in daddy’s movie.”

If it is often said that the truth hurts, Marion Cotillard quickly recovered, understanding that she could not please everyone every time, including her children. But by digging a little more with her daughter, who made it clear through a grimace that she hadn’t liked either, the actress quickly detected the heart of the problem: “I realized afterwards that they couldn’t stand my kissing Vincent Cassel on the mouth.

Asterix, a family affair

It wasn’t until the film was over that Louise and Marcel saw their mom exchange a kiss with Tina Kunakey’s husband. If the 5-year-old girl was still too young to land a role, her brother participated in the project by appearing in a scene from the youth of the two heroes of Goscinny and Uderzo. He therefore surely saw much more than he should have seen between his mother and Vincent Cassel. We immediately understand a little better…

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