“He’s my ex”: Jean-Baptiste Djebbari humorously talks about his relationship with Rihanna

We didn’t think Jean-Baptiste Djebbari was so much of a joker. Audiences were indeed used to seeing him through the speeches he made in a tailored suit and tie. The Minister of Transport, however, has a particular sense of humor which makes him almost endearing. It is enough to watch this video recently posted on TikTok to realize it. Faced with the slowness of the reshuffle following the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, this great politician therefore reacted in a very unusual way. This probably explains the fact that his video very quickly made the rounds of social networks.

A minister ready to leave his post with humor

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari is already ready to leave his post as transport minister and he does not hide it. He even seems to be in a hurry to finally regain his freedom to such an extent that he puts pressure on Emmanuel Macron in his own way. This sequence, which has been talked about so much on social networks, highlights images of the office of this French politician. The latter who had already made his boxes.

However, he will not be able to leave his post before another minister is appointed in his ministry. He will then have to carry out a handover which is taking a long time. That’s why he said in this short clip that the reshuffle was taking so long that Rihanna could release her next album before then. A surfer then asked him if he was a fan of the star. To which he replied that she was his ex. What cause general hilarity.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252204-cest-mon-ex-jean-baptiste-djebbari-evoque-avec-humour-sa-relation-avec-rihanna