“He’s not a good host”: the very harsh words of Benjamin Castaldi against Jarry

During a debate centered around the France 2 program called Le Big Show, Monday June 13, 2022 in Touche pas à mon poste on C8, Benjamin Castaldi was extremely critical of the talents of host comedian Jarry.

Become in the space of a few years a reference of the French humorous scene, Jarry also embarked on a parallel career as a television host. Recurring guest on Arthur’s various shows on TF1For example Friday Everything is Permitted (VTEP), it was on the first channel that Jarry presented his first solo shows. Subsequently, the comedian made the decision to leave TF1, to join the ranks of France 2. For his first broadcast on the public channel, the comedian presented a brand new entertainment dubbed The Big ShowSaturday June 11, 2022 in prime time.

The Big Show is family entertainment that offers viewers an evening of humor and emotion with a multitude of surprises, each funnier and more moving than the next, which will have you laughing and crying throughout the evening! A new program that is warm, funny, full of good vibes and in constant interaction with the publicwho never suspects what will happen to him… Jarry’s surprises will follow one another throughout the show, until he lands in the middle of the night with viewers. Jarry will also trap a person with the complicity of his family, to make him the unexpected star of the evening“, had indicated France 2 in a press release to present this new program.

Benjamin Castaldi on Jarry: “He didn’t shoot his show at all and frankly it’s a shipwreck”

Unfortunately, the launch of big show did not draw crowds. On average, 1.84 million curious people have discovered the program Saturday, June 11, 2022 on France 2which represents only 11.3% of audience share on the whole audience aged 4 and over, according to figures from Mediametry. As usual, the columnists of TPMP commented on these figures Monday, June 13, 2022 on C8. All the personalities present around the table of Cyril Hanouna were unanimous that they did not like Jarry’s show.

Benjamin Castaldi was particularly critical of the comedian’s performance as a presenter. “Animator is a real job. Jarry is a very good comedian (…), he has an audience. We take him as a facilitator, it doesn’t work. He was a bit emotional, a bit animated. He didn’t shoot his show at all and frankly it’s a shipwreck. I find that a little derogatory for the hosts of the channel. I really like Jarry, but he’s not a good animator“, said the columnist of TPMP.