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At 14 years, Hilary Duff dazzled a whole generation of children with his role as Lizzie McGuire; two decades later, he stars in the series How I Met Your Fathera fiction in which he shows his followers -already in adulthood- a modern vision of love and relationships.

‘How I met your father’, starring Hilary Duff, will arrive on Star+ for Latin American audiences in March

Duff (Houston, United States, 1987) takes the baton in this production derived from the iconic How I Met Your Motherbased on the story of Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby in the series) to his two teenage sons about how he met their mother.

“This is a different series, which does not seek to imitate the first and which tells a totally different world”, acknowledges the actress in an interview with Eph.

The original work began airing in 2005, ran for nine seasons, and was able to garner a huge volume of fans who personally grew along with the series.

Now, the North American interpreter accepts the challenge of satisfying a demanding public and affirms that she knows “aware of the great responsibility”.

Early success consolidated over time

Hillary Duff participated from 2001 to 2004 in the Lizzie McGuire series.

The path of success has led Duff to be the visible face of this long-awaited “spin off”but before this some even thought that it could end up being another broken Hollywood toy.

It would not have been the first case due to the precocity with which fame came to him and the important public exposure that surrounded him.

Something that, according to Duff herself, at times became “very stressful.”

He was 10 years old when he made his first appearance on the big screen thanks to the tape Casper and the magical Wendyand from there to stardom with Lizzie McGuire on DisneyChannel.

A series that was on the air from 2001 to 2004 and in which, more than acting, she could perfectly be narrating the usual doubts and problems of a stage such as adolescence that she herself was experiencing then.

However, She continued her young career as an actress with her feet on the ground and combining it with countless projects that she has been developing in the last 17 years.

Pop-rock singer, designer of her own fashion line sponsored even by the firm of Dona Karan (DKNY), He took out his own perfume and wrote a series of novels for teenagers.

For Duff, this professional and personal growth is mainly due to her family: her three children and her current husband, the producer and DJ Matthew Koma.

“Matthew is a big fan of the original series, I feel what the previous one meant and there is a lot of pressure involved”explains Duff, who reveals that “Although I knew all the characters”I didn’t view the original production “so religiously.”

Sentimental description of a world

Frame provided by the Hulu video-on-demand platform showing Hilary Duff (r) as Sophie and Francia Raisa (l) as Valentina, during a scene from an episode of the series “How I Met Your Father”. EFE/Patrick Wymore Hulu
Photo: Patrick Wymore Hulu

On how i met your fatherDuff stars as Sophie, a 30-something woman trying to find the perfect man and ending up with a new group of friends.

Duff describes the character she plays as “a lovable, lovable girl determined to be loved.”

What starts from the search for a conventional relationship ends up being the sentimental description of a society adapted to the new times of dating through applications, to different sexual orientations and to a freer concept of love.

“We are in 2022 and many things have changed in the way of relating, of deepening our sexuality and we have a more inclusive world”precise.

A fictional series that, in addition to entertaining, will presumably have a notable impact on the almost 21 million followers on social networks alone, says Duff.

The actress shares a cast in this production with Chris Lowell (Jessie), Josh Peck (drew), Kim Cattrall (Sophie), Tom Ainsley (Charlie) or France Raisa (Valentina).

The latter, also present in the interview with Efaith, He says that it is “a pleasure” to work with Duff because “everything he touches, he turns to gold”.

The first season of how i met your father premiered at the end of January on the video-on-demand platform Hulu and, after the reception of its initial ten chapters, the second one with twenty new episodes is already being recorded. (I)