Hillary Duff mother of three and proud of her body: She poses naked on the cover of WomenHealth magazine!

Self-acceptance is a particularly important value for Hillary Duff. The young woman who is in the cast of How I Met Your Father indeed wanted to share a specific message through the pose she agreed to perform for the cover of WomenHealth magazine. His view of things is very simple. Her body has already given birth to three children and will never look like the girlish physique she had before. A reality that she had to accept and that all women in her situation should also accept.

A woman who assumes

Having given birth to three children has certainly changed the morphology of her body, Hillary Duff is no less proud of it. Internet users were also numerous to have given him tons of compliments for this particularly successful artistic photo. However, she wanted to let it be known that a make-up artist was present in order to shed light on her whole body. So did the fact that some people made sure she was in the most flattering position so her message got through without a hitch.

Hillary Duff is the mother of Luca (10 years old), Banks (3 years old) and Mae (1 years old). She loves her children above all else and does not hesitate to devote time to them. One thing is certain, the actress does not seem to have changed as much as she thinks. Internet users had not hesitated to let him know.

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