“Hirschhausen’s Human Quiz”: Curious answer from Smudo causes irritation

Updated on 05/08/2022 09:08

Humans and Humans: With “Hirschhausen’s Human Quiz” on Saturday evening you can learn a lot about humans again – which is not surprising given the title of the show. What is more surprising is what you learn about the candidates on a human level. For example, what Smudo is grateful to his mother for.

Christian Vock.

Anyone who likes to answer questions will find a well-laid table on television. On shows like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” with his knowledge of random facts to “Who knows something like that?” from the field of absurd knowledge, almost everyone gets fed up, no matter what fields of knowledge they are interested in. Eckart von Hirschhausen has also found his niche in this TV quiz landscape and has been offering his “Human Quiz” for a few years.

But who at the doctor Dr. Eckart von Hirschausen thinks that his quiz is primarily about boring questions about bones and organs, but he sees himself wrong on two counts. Because the “Human Quiz” is about more than just anatomy and, on the other hand, his quiz is not a tough competition for a few euros for the current account, but TV entertainment, where you can learn something along the way. And that’s how it works on Saturday evening with the latest edition of the “Human Quiz”.

Hirschhausen’s team came up with something special for their entry. Because the next day is Mother’s Day, you want to “celebrate the mothers” in this show. So von Hirschhausen first asks the audience “Who is the mother?”.

And when a few hands go up, the moderator asks “And who was born of a woman?”. Can be ticked off as a more or less successful gag, but von Hirschhausen means it seriously and so the first questions actually revolve around mothers.

For which Smudo is grateful to his mother

So that someone can answer these questions, von Hirschhausen has again invited two teams. On the one hand Enie van de Meiklokjes, Frank Plasberg and Rúrik Gíslason, on the other hand Smudo, Judith Williams and Samuel Koch.

Each of the two teams is faced with a blitz round in which they have to find as many answers as possible in 30 seconds. For example, Smudo and Williams have to list things “for which you are grateful to your mother.”

There are obvious things like “love” or “going to the party”, but also answers that should actually lead to a few questions. Smudo replies, among other things, “Absolutely don’t want to be a secretary”. One would have liked to know what this answer was all about, but von Hirschhausen only elicits an old story from the rapper when Smudo came home with a suitcase full of money in the early stages of his career.

Nevertheless, in the course of the episode you will learn a few more private details from the candidates. Frank Plasberg says that he is no longer allowed to go to parents’ evenings, van der Meiklokjes reveals that she is the mother of twins and Gíslason that he is a trained firefighter. Nevertheless, the “Human Quiz” is also a quiz and so there is more in this issue than just gossip for the next visit to the hairdresser.

“Hirschhausen’s Human Quiz”: What can you see from space?

For example, von Hirschhausen asks the following: “If the mother-in-law lives in the house…” Williams, Plasberg and Co. can choose from these answer options:

  • A: … the grandchildren get worse school qualifications.
  • B: …women are becoming more dissatisfied in marriage.
  • C: …women have fewer children.

Both teams guess answer C: and are correct. The reason, as von Hirschhausen explains, is assumed to be the financial circumstances in which such a living constellation exists. But von Hirschhausen has something even more solid and uses the opportunity to throw in a bit of statistics.

According to von Hirschhausen, there are 8 million families in Germany. 5.5 million of these families fall into the married category, 1.5 million into the single parent category. 90 percent of these single parents are women. Elsewhere, Plasberg wants to know: “What could astronauts see with the naked eye from the ISS in 2018?”

  • A: The Pyramids of Giza.
  • B: The drought in Central Europe.
  • C: The largest auto junkyard in the US.

“Human Quiz”: Dishwasher or Eyjafjallajökull?

While the American Judith Williams is certain that it must be the car graveyard in the USA because of the low environmental awareness of her compatriots, Frank Plasberg’s team is betting on answer B. The answer actually has something to do with the disturbed relationship between people and their environment do, but sadly it is actually the drought in central Europe that was visible from space.

But there is also something less devastating about this evening. So you learn that someone who calls the “student syndrome” their own likes to postpone things until tomorrow or how to reconstruct faces from the skull.

Smudo and van de Meiklokjes compete in household chores and Rúrik Gíslason first juggles a roll of toilet paper with his foot and later duels with Judith Williams, which word sounds funnier – dishwasher or Eyjafjallajökull.

And so on this evening the “Human Quiz” again features the well-known mixture of knowledge about people and knowledge about humanity. Both interesting to funny, but only with the former can a winning team be identified in the end. Williams, Koch and Smudo win 30,000 euros for a good cause, Plasberg and his team still get 10,000 euros

But Rúrik Gíslason gets a special point that evening when he is supposed to play songs on a bottle xylophone and grabs it a little too hard. This is acknowledged by Hirschhausen with an expression of respect: “We have often rehearsed – no one managed to break a bottle.”

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