his daughter Julia talks about their stormy family meals in the middle of the funeral

Jean-Pierre Pernaut left a big void in the hearts of his fans. But also of his family. His eldest daughter, Julia, comes out of the shadows to pay tribute to her father and does not hesitate to mention some tensions… The Objeko team tells you everything in this article.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the funeral of the giant of the JT of 13H of TF1

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is a true national legend. This Wednesday, March 9, a week after his death, the emblematic presenter of the 1 p.m. news from TF1 was entitled to a funeral worthy of his stature. However, he would have been the first to be surprised by such enthusiasm! During Nathalie Marquay’s tribute to her missing husband on TF1, she revealed that after the death of Johnny Hallyday in 2017, and the immense national mourning that this had caused, it opened her eyes to what would happen to her when her husband died. Jean-Pierre Pernaut then told him: “But no, but don’t worry, as I won’t be at TF1 anymore, everyone will have forgotten me”. She then sent him a message, raising her eyes full of tears to the sky: “ Well there you go darling, if you can hear me… well no, people still love you”.

And indeed, many of them followed the funeral which took place at the Sainte-Clotilde basilica, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, live on CNEWS. Many political figures made the trip to pay their last respects to the kings of the 1 p.m. news. Jean-Pierre Pernaut mainly personally invited his former colleagues from TF1, but we were able to see Nicolas Sarkozy, Cyril Hanouna, or even Karine Le Marchand make the trip. The coffin was accompanied by Nathalie Marquay. The latter was accompanied by their children, Tom and Lou, but also other children that Jean-Pierre Pernaut had from another relationship, Olivier and Julia.

Julia speaks and amazes everyone

Julia is the child of Jean-Pierre Pernaut who lives the most on the margins of the media. Olivier has indeed been involved in car racing for decades, a passion he shared with his father. Tom and Lou, the last two, are making a name for themselves on social networks.

Julia Pernaut, 44, is a gynecologist in Amiens. She is a mother of two children. Seeing her speak publicly is not really common. During the funeral of her father Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she still came out of the shadows to pay homage to him: “We built ourselves on a solid base that you and mom passed on to us: work, rigour, respect, tolerance, humility. […] These values ​​we now pass on to our children. Your grandchildren, of whom you were so proud”.

She thus spoke of a very happy childhood, but also of stormy family meals which regularly ended in rants. It must be said that there were some very strong characters around the table! Olivier also paid tribute to his father, who is usually very discreet. The Objeko team reiterates its condolences to Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s family and his loved ones.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the death that moved the whole of France

The whole of France was in shock on learning of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The emblematic presenter of the 13H news from TF1, who reigned supreme there for more than 30 years, was suffering from lung cancer, and succumbed to complications. The TF1 group announced the sad news on social networks: “It is with immense pain that we learned of the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The TF1 group teams share the pain and grief of his family and loved ones. TV loses one of its greatest journalists, TF1 a member of his family.”.

During the first channel’s tribute to its emblematic presenter, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, her replacement, said: “Jean-Pierre was an extremely benevolent man. He taught me to be sure of myself (…) I want to send a lot of strength to the family of correspondents because the next few days are going to be complicated.

Visibly very moved, the new presenter of TF1’s 1 p.m. news wanted to reiterate her respect and her thanks to the person who bequeathed her the keys to the prestigious television news: “ I will never thank him enough for this accompaniment before handing over. Until inviting me to his last diary. It’s quite exceptional. It’s quite elegant.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut leaves generations of bereaved viewers. He was 71 years old.

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