his daughter Shiloh Jolie is shown changed with her hair loose at 16

The sons of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have grown and are becoming bigger and more independent, surprising with their changes and transformations.

And one of the most surprising with its transformation is Shiloh Jolie Pitt, who is already 16 years old and looks very beautiful.

The young woman for a year She adopted a more feminine style and surprised by wearing dresses and sneakers, looking like a model and identical to Angelina.

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Although the young woman constantly She wears her hair in a bun, recently she was seen with her hair loose and surprised, showing that she has her mother’s elegance.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt lets her hair down and looks as beautiful and elegant as Angelina Jolie

Shiloh is not used to wearing her hair loose, but a fan account of the young woman published an image in which Angelina’s daughter is seen as never before.

The daughter of famous actors Her hair is loose, in a blonde tone, and she is wearing a kind of low-cut black dress, exuding elegance.

In this picture She looks identical to Angelina Jolie, and proves that they not only look alike in physique, but also in taste when it comes to dressing.

In fact, last year Shiloh wore two dresses that Angelina wore before, and which were tailored for the young woman, with which he dazzled.

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“Wow how much she has grown, she looks beautiful”, “I can’t believe how big she is, and she looks just like Angelina”, “there is no doubt that she is the copy of her mother”, “how her style has changed, she looks super elegant” , and “how beautiful and big is the daughter of Angelina and Brad”, were some of the reactions in networks.

Shiloh used to have very short hair, and She only wore masculine clothes, but the young woman left that style behind and now opted for a more glamorous one, and the best thing is that she has always had the support of her parents, who have allowed her to be and discover what she wants to wear.