his farewell to the villain Julia Torreblanca

Crowned as one of the most successful telenovelas of 2021, ‘La Desalmada’ not only conquered the public for its intense emotions and plot twists, but also for the excellent work of the cast that brought the characters to life, including Marjorie de Sousa as the feared villain, making it possible for the script to come to life in the best possible way.

Through the Univisión channel, this melodrama also reached the United States, where it quickly positioned itself as one of the most watched in the last half of the year. His achievements were appreciated by the actors, who celebrate their participation in the project to this day by continually mentioning him.

Goodbyes are always complicated, but not in all sad cases, since the arrival at the end of a stage requires facing a large number of changes. Such was the case with Marjorie deSousa when he had to say goodbye to his antagonistic character Julia Torreblanca, which was not only one more in his history, because it marked a before and after in his personal life.

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Through her Instagram account, the Venezuelan shared a photograph characterized as the villain, which she accompanied with a long text expressing her feelings at having to say goodbye to her because the broadcast in the country had come to an end. Her words managed to move netizens.

“The time has come, my Julia! Honestly, I’m very bad at goodbyes. You swear that you get used to living so much changing your house, your country, but nope. And although it’s the most constant thing in life, the changes are of the things that cost me the most is saying goodbye”, he began by expressing Marjorie deSousa.

Marjorie de Sousa: her farewell to the villainous Julia Torreblanca. Source: Instagram


“Today I say thank you my Julia Torreblanca, with you I recovered many things that I felt asleep, not to say lost,” he said, referring to the long separation process with Julian Gil that she lived before starting the filming of the telenovela, which led her to experience a personal and professional crisis in a short time.

Thank you for that passion that you awaken in me, for that need to be one hundred and always well, since that helped me a lot as a woman and as a person. Thank you my beloved Julia for so many moments, “she finally said, referring to her character.

After Marjorie deSousa proceeded to thank his co-setters, especially Livia Britowho played Fernanda Linares already Joseph Ron who gave life to the role of Rafael Toscano. He also spoke sweet words to the production elements and all the staff who made it possible to have every detail perfect.

“Thanks to all my colleagues for making me laugh so much, teaching me so much, I really enjoyed meeting and sharing those moments that are so much ours. I WILL MISS YOU. Thanks to the entire team of my dear @elgueromex for their dedication and for being part of the magic, but above all, thanks to my dear Ernesto and to you, my @elgueromex, for giving me this character and joining us in this wonderful process for all of us.”

Marjorie deSousa He concluded with a few words for his fans and all the people who tuned in to the telenovela throughout its broadcast, following the story day by day and living every feeling to the fullest. “Thanks to the public that sees us for giving us that number 1 on TV, there’s nothing left to say but SEE YOU SOON…” she could read.

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