his father arrives at his house in the middle of the night for a terrible reason

23 When you look for Stéphane Plaza, Raymond is not far away. Inseparable, the father and son are in full waking nightmare !

Stéphane Plaza angry as ever!

Since he has been in television, Stéphane Plaza has been torn from all sides. On the one hand, his clients do not give him a second’s respite. Almost always benevolent with him, he multiplies the initiatives to find them the ideal property. Since he can’t be in the oven and the mill, he entrusts his strange selection process. Against all odds, instead of focusing on borrowing capacity or guarantors, he almost immediately spots the astrological sign. Beware of the one that does not correspond to him!

When he has a free moment, Stéphane Plaza can count on the unwavering support of her best friend Karine Le Marchand. Always there for him, he owes him a big debt. It is not for nothing that he accepted from him recently return the favor. When she asked him to find an apartment for Hervé le Picard and Stéphanie, he puts on his superhero costume and comes to their rescue. After many twists and turns, the mythical couple of Love is in the meadow find the perfect home. Undoubtedly, the one who knows him best, it is his parent Raymond. In a snap of his fingers, he manages to appease the demons of his son. However, that evening, the two men are still unaware that everything is going to change! »

The double penalty

It’s no secret, Stéphane Plaza is far to be perfect. The proof, his many blunders in his broadcasts help to smash audience records. No, he doesn’t purposely drop or break things all the time. Victim of dyspraxia, he totally assumes his invisible disability. On the other hand, when we approach the subject of his mother, tears and nostalgia invade him. Until his thirtieth candle, he could not part with her.

In paradise since 2016, he can’t always digest his departure. After discussing with the caregivers, he manages to reach an agreement with the rest of the family. “We didn’t want therapeutic relentlessness and we supported her until the end. » In his final moments, holding his gaze was a tear or even a trauma. “[Lui] saidD that she will be fine when we know that [ce n’est pas vrai]” is anything but an easy task!

And here is the drama !

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Let 2023 start badly for Stéphane Plaza! In the middle of the night, his father arrives at his house. To say that he is exhausted and stressed is a grim observation. Through the Web, the former cycling champion learns of the death of his son. Unable to hold on, he dresses in a hurry and wants to see the veracity of this disastrous news. To do this, he must climb the top of the building of the flagship host of M6. For his part, the latter joined the arms of Morpheus a long time ago. Faced with the onslaught of his father, he seems annoyed by the relentlessness of the haters.

Shocked by this story, Stéphane Plaza is sounding the alarm. Indignant and revoltedhe will write a story who will not leave indifferent person. “Who can do that? At 1:30 a.m. my 90-year-old father has just climbed four by four, the six floors leading to my apartment. Shame on these irresponsible“.

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