his health, his farewells… Thomas and his manager break the silence

For fans of Jacques Dutronc, it’s a disappointment: latecomers who hadn’t taken tickets will probably never see the singer on stage again. His son Thomas spoke about the health of his illustrious dad, who is giving up on performing again. But there is no question of talking about declining health, the eating of the duo comes out of silence.

For Jacques Dutronc, the time has come to draw the curtain. The singer, now 79 years old, therefore said goodbye to the scene after having given around forty concerts – 38 precisely – since April 2022, in duet with his son Thomas Dutronc. An imbroglio played out after the show given by the father and the son, on Wednesday, December 21, at the Accor Arena in Paris…

Jacques Dutronc: why is the singer canceling his tour with Thomas?

After this concert given in the capital, Thomas Dutronc confided in the microphone of RTL. “It stops because my father prefers to stop now. It’s his style not to do too much, he prefers to be rare and all that (…) I know him. He loves concerts. It’s all around… It’s true that he didn’t go home, to Corsica, during the whole tour. He stayed on the continent, it’s not easy. And then he will be 80 years old. He worries about not holding up. We have the impression, us, to stop in the middle of the tour. I’m sure he’ll regret not continuing“, he confided.

Yes, but now, a few hours later, Vincent Carpentier, the manager of the duo, published a press release to avoid any false rumors about the supposedly declining health of the ex-husband of Francoise Hardy.

Dutronc and Dutronc, the tour: a press release to set the record straight

In this missive, we learn that the show of Jacques and Thomas Dutronc, given in France, Belgium and Switzerland, had not officially been extended even if it was intended to be if the two artists wanted it. “Ithe always been planned (that the tour) end on December 21, 2022 in Bercy (…) in the hope of prolonging this father-son tour which has met with great success and because the rooms book up well in advance, Lagardère and Fimalac, co-producers, had considered an extension in 2023. What Jacques did not want and never validated, estimating at almost 80 years old, and still in great shape, to have fulfilled his mission by offering his audience with great happiness 38 concerts across France“.

Jacques Dutronc: retirement under the Corsican sun?

The singer has therefore bid farewell to the scene and should logically flow peaceful days for his retirement, at home in his house in Corsica. Jacques Dutronc owns a residence located in Monticello, in the North of the island of Beauty. “It’s a house that Françoise had built in 1966. I arrived here and I found myself well parked, I said: ‘I’m keeping the place’, what“, he had told in the emission seven to eight on TF1.

In the pages of Galathe photographer and former companion of Françoise Hardy, Jean-Marie Périer, had however given some useful details on this house: “After all, it was I who had the house built in Monticello for Françoise, who was earning a lot of money at the time. And yet, I never lived there with her, but I spent forty years visiting Jacques in this house..”

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