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Pelé was married several times and had children with his first two wives: Edson, Kelly Cristina and Jennifer with Rosmeri dos Reis Cholbi, while he had twins Joshua and Celeste with the psychologist Assíra Lemos Seixas.

However, years after leaving the court, the player learned of the existence of other offspring who had remained anonymous, including a young woman who passed away.

Pelé: the seven (recognized) children and three marriages of the ball star

Some of the children were recognized by the soccer player, but others were denied until DNA tests confirmed their link, according to the newspaper. The universe.

“In all honesty, I’ve had a few affairs, some of which have resulted in children. But I only found out about them later,” the late footballer revealed in a biographical documentary on Netflix.


One of his most controversial relationships was with the singer and presenter Xuxa in the eighties, when the then young blonde was making her way into show business.

in his biographyMemories, the Brazilian television star recounts that he had a relationship with Pelé when he was a minor. She assures that she met the soccer star when she was 17 years old and he had turned 40. At the player’s insistence and after convincing his father, the lovebirds began a tumultuous and public relationship that was not only on the covers of magazines at a worldwide, but under the magnifying glass of Brazilian society, due to the unstoppable infidelities of the star whom he affectionately called Dico.

“I was very young, without any experience, and what he told me I took as the absolute truth,” says the singer in her book, according to the program teleshow. «He Naturalized his betrayals, until there came a time when I could not stand it. Our relationship had no future. For me we were dating and for him, it was a colorful friendship.”


Despite the toxic relationship, the singer kept the best memories in her memory and after Pelé’s departure, she expressed her condolences and respect to her family.

«To all those who have been by Dico’s side, my affectionate hug. May the pain of loss turn into good memories,” the interpreter said on Instagram.

Pelé leaves an inheritance that amounts to $100 million, which includes assets in his real estate investments, according to the portal Celebrity Net Worth.

“I didn’t get rich with football, like today’s players do. I earned money from advertising, when I stopped playing,” the star explained on one occasion, according to the Brazilian sports newspaper. Sport.