his long and terrible fight against the disease

The music world is in mourning. This Saturday, April 23, we learned the bad news. The singer Arno, died at the age of 72 following a cancer against which he had been fighting since the end of 2019. Arno will have recorded, in nearly 50 years, about thirty albums in total, alone or in collaboration.

Belgian singer Arno dies

Belgian singer Arnold Charles Ernest Hintjens, better known as Arno, has died aged 72. It was his manager Filip De Groote, who announced the bad news in a press release: “He will be missed by all of us, his family, his friends and his musicians. He will always be with us thanks to the music that kept him alive until the end “. And it is true that despite the disease that was eating away at him, the companion of Sophie Dewulf had continued to perform on stage for his audience.

Known for his outspokenness, Arno had not done in the lace last month. Indeed, during one of his last concerts, the artist had made a sad confidence to his audience. He had spoken of his death, which was slowly approaching:“I’m going to visit my mother (who died when he was 24) soon.” It must be said that Arno was very weak during his last public appearances. Moreover, he gave his last show on March 11 in Ostend, at his home. Coincidence ? Maybe not.

A busy career

Born May 21, 1949 in Ostend, Arno began his career with his group TC Matic. Thanks to the song “Oh la la la” released in 1981, he quickly found success. A few years later, the members of the group had taken the decision to separate and Arno had embarked on a solo career. And it was at the very beginning of the 90s that he caused a sensation in France. In particular thanks to his participation in the soundtrack of Bertrand Blier’s feature film, “Thank you life”.

His most famous albums remain “Charlatan” (1988), Ratata” (1990) “Idiots Savants” (1993) or “À la française” (1995). From his albums, reference songs will come out. We think in particular of the title “The eyes of my mother”, “Long live my freedom”, “Lonesome Zorro” or “Tango of the skin”. The singer has also appeared in about fifteen films, including “Komma” in 2006, where he plays the main role.

Arno had a very last wish

Knowing he was doomed because of his pancreatic cancer, Arno had one last wish. He wanted to record a duet with Mireille Mathieu. A last wish respected since the singer recorded a version of her song at home Farewell Paloma in duet with the Belgian singer. That was two weeks ago now:“Two weeks ago in Brussels, he recorded his voice with great courage. Arno was a real poet, with a very particular way of telling his story through his songs.”.

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