his new look shocks internet users

On her Instagram account, Cécile Bois unveiled a hair change. Totally revamped for a role, the actress, who plays Candice Renoir on France 2, surprised internet users. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will show you what the beautiful blonde looks like. Are you ready ?

A memorable cast for Cécile Bois

Today, Cécile Bois is known throughout France. Indeed, for several years, she has portrayed the character of Candice Renoir, a cop like no other. A significant role that has often impacted his private life. It must be said that many of his fans have already called out to him in the street with his series name. But if the actress won this mythical role, it was not won in advance during the castings. A few months before showing up, she had just given birth to her second daughter.

Despite being very tired, Cécile Bois then showed up to do the tests. She remembers like it was yesterday:I said to myself: ‘Well and at the same time, I still have to remember that I am an actress. It is finally thanks to her non-organization that the actress was taken: “To find my phone, I emptied my large, huge, khaki, military bag into which there were diapers, a bottle, compotes, bracelets, a spare nursing bra. That’s what I got caught up in.”

The actress has decided to change her look

Cécile Bois has decided to change her mind! Like many other actors, the actress has transformed for a role. And the least we can say is that it changes completely. Indeed, the beautiful blonde shared a photo of her metamorphosed on her Instagram account. Exit the curly locks, she opted for a smooth short bob and bangs. As you can see, she plays it like a femme fatale. In the caption, she simply wrote:Soon redhead? Brown ? Or white? Or bald? “.

If Cécile Bois has not really revealed the reason for this transformation, everything suggests that she was made for Candice Renoir. Indeed, a few days ago, the actress returned to the studios for the filming of the tenth and final season of the series. She even shared a time-lapse video of the hair and makeup artists working on her next project. It remains to be seen whether it is indeed for a new police intrigue that she had to change her look. Or, if it’s for another project.

Internet users did not hide their astonishment

Following the release of this photo, Internet users did not hide their astonishment. Indeed, many people took the time to comment on the photo. And the least we can say is that they failed to recognize her:“I almost didn’t recognize you while skimming through the Instagram posts”, “It’s not the same person!” Total transformation » could we read in particular. Many Internet users have also found similarities to him: “I don’t know why but I think you have a little air of Catherine Jacob”, “An air of Mireille Darc”, “A little resemblance to Marlène Jobert”.

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