his new plan to face the Spanish justice system without Piqué

Shakira faces difficult moments in his personal life, and it is not only about the separation from the Spanish soccer player Piqué, but also about the legal situation to be faced.

And it is that the Colombia must face the Spanish justice for the alleged crimes related to the payment of taxes.

Shakira He faces a trial for tax fraud in which the Justice demands 14 million euros, and he had a plan to follow for it with Piqué, but now that they are separated, his plan and strategy changedas revealed by El País.

And it is that Piqué was going to be his main point of support in this, and he would bet on his innocence in the face of accusations, but now that they have parted ways, everything has changed.

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“The Barça footballer was the main supporter of the hard line, that is, of keeping the fight until the end because he believed he could win the case”, a source told the newspaper.

Shakira has a new strategy to avoid going to jail and face the Spanish justice

Now the objective of Shakira is to avoid submitting to a trial that would not only be very long, but would expose her publicly, especially in these difficult times that she lives after her separation, where she is already exposed.

For this, The Colombian will accept that she cheated and pay the millionaire fine, reaching an agreement with the tax authorities to avoid jail.

“Without Piqué, and with other plans for her future – which, according to some media, include establishing her residence in Miami (USA) – Shakira intends to close a judicial chapter that “affects her emotionally a lot”, close sources say.

Shakira faces the The Spanish prosecutor’s office for six tax crimes, and the fine for fraud could be millions, but as the sources said, the singer is willing to pay it.

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And it is that In addition, this way he will be able to leave Barcelona and travel to Miami to live with his children and parents and leave all the drama with Piqué behind.