His rant… which earned him mockery! “It is shameful”

Daniel Guichard was a guest on the show “Dans le retro” on France Bleu on January 22. The opportunity for him to say everything he thinks about the question of the vaccine … And the singer did not take tweezers!

Daniel Guichard, singer-songwriter but also free-thinker, never goes unnoticed when invited somewhere. Invited by Déborah Grunwald on the show In The Retro on France Bluethe artist quickly switched his interview to rant when it came to talking about the health crisis. “I will say it and say it again. It’s a shame what we did to the nurses, to caregivers, to people in hospitals because they did not want to have an injection because they had doubts. It’s a shame when you see how asked nurses who had the covid ‘come anyway, we’ll put you with the sick‘. It’s shameful to bring in hundreds of firefighters from European countries when there are thousands of firefighters who have been suspended,” he said, very upset.

Daniel Guichard, scandalized: he defends caregivers

But his rant didn’t stop there. The 74-year-old singer then directly attacked the country’s politicians. “The policies we have are a shame! People who didn’t say anything are a disgrace. We are the last country in the world not to have reinstated with an apology and with recovery of wages (…) There is no unemployment, no aid, it is ‘you will wait for our goodwill'” , he hammered, bluntly, as usual. The singer also made a point of pointing out the difficulty of being part of the medical profession : “You really have to have faith in the body to be a caregiver. To go to hospitals, to take care of the sick, to take care of people who are going to die”.

Daniel Guichard, mocked: “The brile”

Daniel Guichard’s remarks did not fail to make Internet users who watched the sequence react. And on the Web, opinions are totally divided. If some applaud him, others mock him. “Ah finally, I’ve been waiting for Daniel Guichard’s opinion on the vaccine. Recognized all over the world, the interpreter of My old man became an epidemiologist at the age of 68 after a brilliant professional retraining”quipped a surfer on Twitter. “Contrary to appearances… Daniel Guichard it’s really not ‘the brain’, it would rather be the brele… “.

Difficult words that denote with other very positive comments from Internet users visibly in agreement with the singer. He is one of those artists with little or no consensus. Unfortunately, there are too few of them.. “, “Thank you for your program, thank you Mr. Guichard for having carried the word of those who fall into oblivion”, “Finally, a very very good guy”can we read.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2883999-daniel-guichard-coup-de-gueule-vaccin/