his secrets about the complexes that ruin life

It is as always in all honesty that Sophie Davant expressed herself. In the new issue of her magazine S, the host recognizes that if cosmetic surgery is a recourse acclaimed by some. But she believes that we can also learn to love ourselves as we are. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Sophie Davant assumes having had surgery

For a few months now, Sophie Davant has been dealing with many subjects of daily life. Indeed, the host of France 2, is at the head of her bimonthly Sophie’s magazine. In her magazine, she gives everyone a voice. For this new issue, the presenter of Affaire Conclue, decided to talk about a very popular subject among the French: cosmetic surgery. It must be said that more than one in 10 French people has already carried out an operation of this type. Among them, 3% even had surgery several times.

A surgical act approved by Sophie Davant. Moreover, the host of France 2, has already resorted to an intervention. She had told our colleagues at RTL in 2019: “I have to take care of my appearance. Obviously I take care of my skin, obviously I take care of it, obviously I sometimes take small injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox from time to time, like everyone else”. If there is one thing that annoys the presenter, it is not to assume. This is what we will see in the rest of our article.

You have to know how to be yourself

Often, Sophie Davant protests about the personalities not assuming that they had answered the call of the scalpel. A few weeks ago, she even mentioned the bad faith of some people on the subject:Nothing annoys me more than actresses who say they do nothing, while it is enough to look at several photos to realize that something has happened“. For her, the important thing is to find the right balance in order to erase dissatisfaction while remaining yourself.

Moreover, Sophie Davant remembers a bad experience with surgery. At the time, a prick on the lips had gone wrong: “I had a kind of huge mouth, completely deformed because it was badly done. My husband and my children screamed […] We had to face William Leymergie who didn’t miss me. And I found, as the only parade, that the fact of laughing”. Fortunately, this did not affect his physique.

Sophie Davant highlights the 100% natural

But this time, it is the natural that Sophie Davant has chosen to highlight. For her, the first key to beauty is found… in aging: »As we get older, we know ourselves better, we accept each other more easily, we have learned to show off and circumvent our complexes, or remedy them when they are of an intellectual or professional nature. As for the physical complexes that rot your life, cosmetic surgery is sometimes an excellent remedy! But the best is still celebrate those who assume themselves as they are and learn from their example and experience!“. A wonderful statement.

Source- https://www.objeko.com/sophie-davant-affaire-conclue-ses-confidences-sur-les-complexes-qui-gachent-la-vie-1130020/