his son Milan has a better style than Piqué and these looks prove it

Shakira and Piqué are no longer together, but there is something that will unite them forever and it is their two children Sasha and Milán, aged 7 and 9.

Your children are the most They have suffered during their separation, since they have been left in the middle of the war between these celebrities, in addition to having to deal with the fact that their parents, even if they are in the same place, do not even speak to each other.

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However, they They have shown their maturity, and are constantly at ease and happy with their mother, and we have been able to see how big Milan is and its great style.

And many consider that Shakira’s son has a better style than his own father and These looks prove it.

Shakira: her son Milan has a better style than Piqué with these looks

Sports pants and sweatshirt with sneakers

During his trip to Rome with his mother and brother, Milan looked fashionable, comfortable and modern in gray sports pants with large pockets on the sides.

This garment was combined with a oversized gray sweatshirt, black and blue tennis shoes, and a black and blue cap, looking very handsome.

Military pants and T-shirt

For a family outing with Shakira and Sasha, Milan wore a simple and fashionable outfit of gray and white military pants with a white T-shirt.

This comfortable outfit was worn with some gray tennis shoes, and many assured that he looked much better dressed than his father, Gerard Piqué.

tie-dye look

During their trip to the beach where both Shakira and her sons surfed, Milan wore a tie dye look.

Milan wore a kind of tie dye blanket in aqua green with dark blue, and underneath she was wearing her black surfing suit.

red pants with jacket

Shakira published a video in which she is dancing with her children and Milan looked like a real hunk with a modern look.

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the little one 9 wore red pants that he combined with a white t-shirt and a red and white jacket with tennis shoes.

For Shakira Her two children are her highest priority, and they are the ones who have helped her overcome Piqué’s infidelity and get ahead, for this reason, she never abandons them and she will finally be able to take them to Miami to live in peace and away from the soccer player.