his son, the Youtubeur Carlito, swings on their relationship … “Intimate ailments”, “Extreme bulimia”, “Money”

Raphaël Carlier, alias the Youtubeur Carlito, confided in their complicated relationship. “I write this with a little sadness,” he said.

Did you know? Guy Carlier has three sons: Antoine, Stéphane and Raphaël…better known as Carlito. The famous YouTuber and acolyte of McFly is indeed the son of the 73-year-old columnist and author. A relationship of which he speaks very little since the agreement between father and son is not looking good. And has been for years. But Carlito seems to need to move on. With his sidekick, they lined up a video with the unequivocal name last July 31: “Who is whose dad?“. In the company of three other internet stars, Seb, Joyca and Théodort, the two men thus returned to the relationships which unite them to their respective fathers. And this same video inspired Erika Fleury’s companion to write a long text, “My dad and me“, broadcast on Twitter in the process. The opportunity for Carlito to confide in his complicated relationship with his father.

Carlito: what he “hates” in the relationship with his father Guy Carlier

The YouTube star seems to have put his finger on the issues that kept him away from his dad. But he says it himself at the end of his text: “This serenity is quite recent. Moreover, it is not yet complete and probably never will be”. I hate this area more than I hate my relationship with my dad. I hate that it took so long to figure it out, I hate that no one helped me earlier to analyze the situation, to put their finger on it”the 35-year-old first wrote.

And explain: Besides, I don’t hate my dad. How could I? He was never violent, never got angry. He suffered from a extreme bulimiathat you know, and other more intimate evils on which I will not dwell”. According to Carlito, it was these ailments that prevented him from developing a healthier relationship with his father. “Have you ever loved someone who doesn’t love themselves?”, does he have interrogates.

Carlito “grew up with someone who was not finished at all”

“It’s a very unpleasant place. My place was that of a young boy who grew up with someone who was not finished at all. A conclusion that his father also draws. In an interview given to Parisian last January, Guy Carlier confided that he had raised his son “at the worst time for bulimia”. “When it’s like that, you no longer have a family life, your wife catches you stealing from the fridge at night, it’s filthy stuff. I did this to Raphy, I know he’s mad at me.

Carlito: “I write this with a little pain”

In this sincere text, Carlito questions the role of a father: “A father is psychological support, a unique investment, which has nothing to do with money (there were a lot of them) and star system (the most hypocritical family ever). So, I accepted the money he gave me when I was a teenager, then I didn’t want his tickets anymore, he pissed me off. I wanted to mark a break”.

“I write this now without hatred or reproach but with a little pain (…) Now that we’ve talked for hours, I understand, I don’t apologize and I try to focus on the tenderness that is there, like water under the sand.”he concluded.

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